Hard Cover Cookbook – (Encanterra CC Residents Only)


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Encanterra CC Orders Only (Arizona Sales Tax Applies)

For Pick Up or Complimentary Delivery within Encanterra Country Club.


343 Pages, over 400 Color Photos, Set-by-Step, Easy to Follow, Appetizers through Desserts, Over 35 Customer Testimonials

“PASSION My Journey through Food” is about Passion and following your dreams! No matter where you are in your life, no matter your age or gender, YOU have a Passion within you that is waiting to be released!  YOU are gifted by God to do extraordinary things!  You are the only YOU and YOU are the only one that can do what God predestined for YOU to do with your own unique talents!

This book is more than a cookbook.  It is filled with stories, some heartfelt and some humorous, some informational and some just plain chatty, and within the pages you will learn to cook or become a better cook.  You will gain knowledge through Step-by-Step, foolproof, easy, well laid out recipes that you can be proud of.  Dive into every page, mark it up, try it as is, and then create your own unique recipes. 

PASSION is for ALL of us and there are mighty things waiting for you if you just step out and go for it!  Enjoy this book with a PASSION and while you’re doing that, go for your own!!  What’s Your PASSION? – Jules    “Just Jules in the Kitchen”

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