Snippets from the Book


*Food Photography by Jules (property of).

I wanted to share a “snippet” of a story that will be in my upcoming cookbook. You will find it in the Meat Chapter.  The recipe is titled “On Wisconsin” Beer Soaked Brats with Bavarian Kraut, Poupon and Really Soft Buns! *You will be able to see the ending to story in my upcoming cookbook to be released at the end of 2018

What’s all the fuss about?  You say, “On Wisconsin”!  Who lives in Wisconsin??  My husband had a scholarship to the fabulous, Big 10, Madison, Wisconsin College, lucky guy and immediately after, the Wisconsin Badgers, became a huge part of his life along with the one-of-a kind Smoked Brats at the Brat House (now State Street Brats) and that fabulous High Stepping Badger Marching Band. No one does the high step like they do! Oh the excitement, and then there are those Badger Football players…can anyone say Rose Bowl?? So, as the story goes, I met John, we got married and he introduced me to the Wisconsin Badgers. After one time at Camp Randall Stadium I was hooked. (sorry Golden Gophers)...(oh and he got me hooked on the Green Bay Packers too)…my whole family are Minnesota Vikings Fans…you can see where this is going…anyway…when we lived in Chicago we had season tickets to the game and went to all the home games.

A Wisconsin tradition is that you must have a Beer Soaked Brat with really tasty Sauerkraut and that “special”, Stadium Sauce, I can taste it now…so anyway, one game, while in my seat, John went to the bathroom and within a second or two a fine older, distinguished gentleman sat down in John’s seat. He was flirting with me! Yep he was…as it turns out it was Alfred Hudec, aka; Bucky Badger. Everyone knew who he was. He had an entourage around him wherever he went. He was a short man, great shape (turns out he was a mail man his whole life and walked his whole route everyday). He had a big grin and twinkly eyes and was always dressed from head to toe in Badger gear…most recognizable the Furry Badger Hat which really did make the whole outfit. Bucky was 72 when I met him. John took a picture of the two of us and that was the beginning of an 11 year friendship with one of the most extraordinary people I will ever have the pleasure of meeting in my lifetime…