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I’m SO excited!! My New GREETING CARD LINE is here! 7 different sets to choose from! Great for yourself and great for gifts! Take a peak…1 of 7…

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Smoked Beer Can Chicken with my Pecan Smoked Chicken Rub!

Watch for my new Greeting Card line. 5×7 Color Food Photos, my Photography, New Photos! Blank inside. Comes in Boxes of 6 Cards.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all! May God bless you richly!

PASSION My Journey through Food! Watch for my new Spice Rub and Greeting cards which will be out the first week of December. Great for gifts!

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Salad Spin your Romaine Wedges!

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Have you ever cut your Romaine into single portions and then put them in the Salad Spinner like this?  It works great, and if you do it a day in advance and put it in the fridge, it will be dry, cold and super crisp.  Great if serving for a dinner party, just pull them out ready to go.  As I wash them I gently pull/push the wedges so that the water hits all the leaves. Try it sometime!

This Salad is in my Cookbook on Page 78.

PASSION My Journey through Food, signed by the author and $5 off at    Alos amiable on Amazon and Barnes and Noble  EBook also available.

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Ripe Tomatoes! Before and after!

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Roma Tomatoes before and after!  I am so happy!  I’ve never grown Roma’s before.  I love their shape, their firmness and their color. They are a plum variety with a dense, meaty flesh and they have a rich flavor.  It’s good to eat with baby Buffalo Mozzarella Balls like Caprese and I’ve heard it is one of the best Tomatoes for Sauces and Soups.  I jut love the firmness and robust color.


Yellow Pear Tomatoes fun to just take off the plant and “pop” in your mouth! Yellow Pear is one of the oldest varieties and is ideal for those who find other Tomatoes too acidic (good to know).

Happy gardening!