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Re Purposed Boutique Second Chances for First Choices, Queen Creek, AZ

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I wanted to share “Re Purposed Boutique” with you because it is the best kept secret in Queen Creek, Arizona!  Meet Christie…she is the manager there and does an amazing job!  She is one of those people you love the minute you talk to her.  She is always smiling, friendly and accommodating. She definitely brings people back because you just want to be in her presence. She is unique and special beyond words…you will also experience the professional and kind students who take pride in helping out there. Continue reading “Re Purposed Boutique Second Chances for First Choices, Queen Creek, AZ”

What's happening right now

Making Lemon Ice Cubes


What to do with all those Lemons!  

When you have Fruit Trees you know exactly what I’m talking about.  You have so many Lemons you are giving them away to everyone you know. This January, I decided to make “Lemon Ice Cubes” for the first time and it was so fun and easy I wanted to share it with you.

They are wonderful in your “Ice Water”, “Hot Lemon Water”, “Hot Tea”, “Iced Tea” and in “Soda Water”.  You can also crush them or break them up and put them over “Fish” before it goes in the Oven.  If a recipe calls for Lemon, just grab a “Lemon Ice Cube,” ready to go, all year round. Continue reading “Making Lemon Ice Cubes”

What's happening right now

Fresh Squeezed Juice (Grapefruits from my Trees)


Yum!!  Fresh Squeezed, Ruby Red Grapefruit from the tree in my back yard.  Look at the beautiful color.  I put it over ice cubes, let it chill for a minute and then smile as I drink every last sip!  It is simply wonderful!

Continue reading “Fresh Squeezed Juice (Grapefruits from my Trees)”