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Check out my friend Jill Michel’s latest book! “Masking the Hug”



This is Jill’s second book and a poem book of sorts.  Easy read and very compelling. I have both of Jill’s paperback books on my coffee table in my sitting area and I Love them both. Jill and I were friends going way back, and God has placed us back in each others lives in the past 8 months or so.  We are blessed and thankful to have reconnected, and to think we are both authors now…..we have so much in common in so many ways and it feels we never left each other. Her and I could write a book about our adventures together but I think we will leave that one alone…(as I smile).


*Photo above: This is Jill’s first book.  It’s about the restaurant industry (and a few other industries) and her experiences with not so great bosses, and that “Step Ladder” to the top.  I loved it.  Down to earth, funny, truthful, and to the point!  A few cuz words in between which couldn’t be omitted…

Check out her books!  They are easy and quick reads, but stir your emotions and make you think.  They may open your memory to a few of your own wild and crazy experiences.

I can’t wait for her next one to come out….

Purchase on Amazon –   jjs.volume@gmail.com –  stepladderbook.com


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Suzanne Somers Coleslaw (my all-time favorite)!!


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Do you remember this book? It came out in 2002 but I think I got it in 2004.  My friend Heidi and I loved her eating plan. There was one recipe that I fell in love with and it was her Crunchy Coleslaw with Raw Fennel.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve made it.  It is perfect as is and every once in a while (or if I’m out of an ingredient) I improvise but I highly reccommend following her recipe to a tee.  It is also best after it sits in fridge over night (in my opinion).  Hope you enjoy!! ***See Recipe below with photos.  Continue reading “Suzanne Somers Coleslaw (my all-time favorite)!!”

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Rango Honey, Tempe Arizona! This is incredible! Check it out!


This wonderful gal named Kimberley Deane who lives in Minnesota reached out to me via email after she saw the story about me in the Lake Minnetonka magazine.  She does a lot of fundraising and wanted me to do a hosted dinner (but sadly I don’t live there so that didn’t work out) but anyway, it turns out she is the National Sales Manager for a Honey Company in Tempe, AZ.  How cool is that?  She shipped me this beautiful selection of Honey along with Bee Pollen and Raw Honey Comb.  I am so excited to try it and also to experiment with it through new recipes.  I will share them with you as I create them.


If you go to the website http://www.RangoHoney.com you will see helpful tips on Honey and a Recipe page as well. The website has a striking design and is beautifully laid out. I look forward to learning more about all the unique flavors of honey she sent to me.  Also about the Bee Pollen and the Raw Honey Comb. IMG_3162IMG_3165IMG_3164


I’m excited for you to check out her website and to explore the recipes on her site.  If you love honey and would like it shipped it comes beautifully packaged.  I’m in love with the colorful design on the label.  I will let you all know how the Honey is as I venture in!


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"Shout Outs"

STEP LADDER A shout out to my friend Jill’s new book!

Jill and I were both in the restaurant business together way back in the day.  Her newly released book is about the work place and some really bad bosses.  I am loving her book so much.  It is dramatic, truthful, funny, quirky (along with a few swear words) and unique. It is a page turner and a one day read.  Her creative writing style is like something I’ve never seen before. I’m truly impressed and recommend it to anyone in the workplace or corporate world that has experienced one or more really bad bosses and is looking for a little therapy with a little humor.  Bold Truth at it’s finest.  Available on Amazon

PS We both still love our Pink Lipper!

PASSION My Journey through Food, Jules Meyer Author, discounted and signed copies available through http://www.justjulesinthekitchen.com/shop or purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.