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SAND BAR *New Restaurant Gilbert, AZ


5/1/19 This is the new Sand Bar in Gilbert Arizona!  It is across the street from the outdoor San Tan Valley Mall, right at that main intersection.  As soon as you see it from the road you want to drive right over to it.  The look of it from the road makes you feel like you are on vacation in the Bahamas somewhere!  I am SO excited this place has come so close to us.  It’s just SO exciting!


Here we are walking in the door, so colorful and inviting! Continue reading “SAND BAR *New Restaurant Gilbert, AZ”

Food Critic Segment/Restaurant Reviews

Delafield, WI “Water Street Brewery”


On our 4-day Trip to Wisconsin in September 2018, (to see the Badgers and the Green Bay Packers play), we found ourselves searching for the BEST Cheese Curds!  We didn’t plan this, it just happened!  As you may know, Wisconsin is known for really good Cheese and anyone who has been to Wisconsin knows they produce some of the BEST Cheese Curds around! The consensus with the couple we were with was that “Water Street Brewery” in Delafield, Wisconsin had the BEST Cheese Curds of the 3 places we tasted and here is why…

They had a Sharp White Cheddar Cheese and the texture was similar to a really good, fresh, String Cheese…the awesome thing about these were that they never got hard.  My experience has been that if you don’t eat Cheese Curds within a minute after they come out of the fryer, they get hard and are just not very good.  These Cheese Curds stayed soft and gooey.  They also used a light golden honey lager Batter which was like a Tempura Batter, crunchy but light, not greasy and perfectly cooked.  So many places serve Cheese Curds out of a bag, pre-bought, frozen (yuck)…but these…I must say, were the BEST Cheese Curds I have ever had! (a 10)!


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Downtown Gilbert, AZ *New! “The Brass Tap” Craft Beer Bar



For those of you in my area, have you been to downtown Gilbert lately?  I can’t believe how it has changed and all the restaurant/bars that have popped up!  It is so fun and there are SO many choices now.  Most have great menus, good happy hours, awesome ambience and friendly staff.  Check out The Brass Tap’s website to see all the specials and fun activities they have going on all week long. 

MY OVERALL RATING:   Food: 7   Ambience for a Sports Bar: 8   Service: 6   Value for your Money: 9

*Note: My rating isn’t strong because I feel there is room to grow and improve as can be expected with most New restaurants. The server was very nice but the service was slow.  She admitted that she had way too big of a station, short handed I guess.  When a restaurant is new it is especially important to over staff to ensure a good first impression so people come back.  Don’t you agree?

In a few month I will go back and review again.  If you go to The Brass Tap please let me know how your experience goes.  I think you will love the atmosphere.  Try the Pretzel Bites! Continue reading “Downtown Gilbert, AZ *New! “The Brass Tap” Craft Beer Bar”

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Rutherford, CA “Rutherford Grill”


9/1/18 My favorite restaurant in Napa CA!  We have been here more times than I can count.  Every time we go to Napa, CA we MUST go to the Rutherford Grill!

MY OVERALL RATING: 10   Food: 10   Service: 10   Ambience: 10   Value for your Money: 10 Continue reading “Rutherford, CA “Rutherford Grill””

Food Critic Segment/Restaurant Reviews

Oliver, BC, Canada “Burrowing Owl Estate Winery” – “The Sonora Room Restaurant”




OVERALL RATING: 10+  FOOD: 10+  SERVICE: 10+  AMBIENCE: 10+ VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY: 10  Continue reading “Oliver, BC, Canada “Burrowing Owl Estate Winery” – “The Sonora Room Restaurant””