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Sneak Peak into the Cookbook Cover Shoot


I just wanted to give you all a sneak peek into our Cover Shoot.  It took 2 days to arrange, prep and make.  The shoot itself took over 7 hours and just over 650 shots.  We think we got the Front and Back Cover Shots and are excited that they are in the hands of the Cover Designer as we speak.  Editing is finally finished and the book is off to the design stage.  Exciting!  Prayers that the book will be finished by the Fall.

57387419047__3AA018DE-3D86-4B5F-9BB3-AB9390F48F57I will physically be in the picture but wanted you to see the set up.  Thank you to Bonnie S. for all her help.  We had fun!

Thanks to John for all his hard work and expertise!

We’re getting there, and this 4 year dream is turning into a reality! 

Have a great day!!


“Just Jules in the Kitchen”