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1st Game Day – On Wisconsin! (8/30/19)

Game Day Brats 8:30:19

BRATS!  Yum!  Wisconsin tradition.  Soak in Beer, Onions, Cracked Red Pepper Flakes for 3 hours up to 2 days.  Grill slowly….gotta have the Buttered and Grilled Bun known as a (GB). Oh and make sure the Buns are super soft and fresh…key!


Game Day Brats on Grill 8:30:19

Make sure to cook the Brats on in-direct Heat and slowly.

Game Day Caraway Kraut 8:30:19

Kraut with Caraway Seed a must slathered all over your Brat!

Game Day Pecan Smoked Wings 8:30:19

Pecan Smoked Wings with Mild Mustard Sauce. Slow cooked for 1 hour 10 minutes on the smoker.  Fall off the bone and intense flavor. The housemade Mild Mustard Sauce is also key with this!

Game Day Cheese

Madison Wisconsin; Main Street Depot’s Bloody Mary with Beer Chaser. My Favorite Bloody Mary.  Just a little Extra Sharp Tillamook cheese…my favorite cheese.

Game Day Baby Reds 8:30:19

Crispy Pan Fried Baby Reds….

*All of these recipes can be found in my upcoming book PASSION My Journey through Food coming in October.

Pecan Spice Wing Rub available at the store on my website.

Game Day Badger Wine with Guests 8:30:19

Game Day Brats 8:30:19

Badgers win first game 49/0.  New QB this season.  Rated 19 now moved up to 17.  Way to go Badgers! Fun times with friends…perfect way to start the season!





What's happening right now

Order “Just Jules in the Kitchen” Spices Today!

4 Spice Set Cover Photo
4 Spice Rub Bundle

Easy as One, Two, Three!  Go to the Menu on this site and click on SHOP.  “Just Jules in the Kitchen” Spices are fabulous for Grilling, Baking and Pan Sautéing .  Fabulous Gift Boxes!  Check out the Store for what’s available.  Orders can be shipped or picked up.  Leave any notes in Special Instructions.  Orders are shipped 2 day.  Plan ahead for gifts and also be thinking of my new Cookbook; “PASSION My Journey through Food” coming out soon and just in time for the Holiday Season!

What's happening right now

The Cookbook is almost here! And my New Spice Line is Ready for Purchase!

Jules 5-23-19.JPG Final Cover 5:23:19

We are in the last two edits and then they will work on the index which takes about a month.  We are almost there!! It’s looking like early October.  I will keep you updated!  P.S I am working daily on book two which is going to be all Appetizers and Small Plates!  Can’t wait!

Deb F with BIrthday Spice BoxThe first recipient of my new Spice Box!  This is Deb G from Minnesota! She was given this gift from Deb H also from Minnesota.  Do you think she likes it?

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Bon Appetite!


My Favorite Homemade Pecan Pesto with Gluten Free Brown Rice Noodles


This Pesto Pasta is easy to make, good for you and on top of that, the flavor is fabulous! I like to use Pecans versus the traditional Pine Nuts (which I find to be bland and boring).  I’ve also made Pesto with Walnuts but they can make the Pesto bitter.  Try the Pecans and see what you think.  Follow my recipe to a tee and it will turn out perfect every time!  Tried, tested and true!

In my upcoming Book “PASSION My Journey though Food” I highlight this recipe along with ideas of how and what to serve it with. Be looking for that late Summer, Early Fall.

Continue reading “My Favorite Homemade Pecan Pesto with Gluten Free Brown Rice Noodles”


Dreamy, Melt in Your Mouth, Lemon Semi Fredo


My friend Heidi turned me on to Lemon Semi Fredo over 10 years ago.  We have both been making it ever since.  She brought it to our annual Christmas Wine Pairing Party one year and everyone when nuts over it…so the next year, I asked her to bring it again…

To describe it; it is dreamy, smooth, melt in your mouth amazing…ask anyone who’s tasted it.  I describe it as a cross between Hollandaise, Creme Brûlé and Custard. It is a Frozen Dessert and we like to top ours with Freshly Cut, In-Season Berries (no sugar needed if they’re already sweet). The texture of it in your mouth is like I said, dreamy and it compares to nothing else I’ve ever had before.

The presentation you see here was from a few weeks ago at a ladies Tropical Party I hosted.  My friend Ione came 2 days early to help me and I had her make this luscious Dessert and another friend Beth who also helped was the one that set up the tray for serving.  What a great team we make, these two women are amazing! Continue reading “Dreamy, Melt in Your Mouth, Lemon Semi Fredo”