My Favorite Homemade Pecan Pesto with Gluten Free Brown Rice Noodles


This Pesto Pasta is easy to make, good for you and on top of that, the flavor is fabulous! I like to use Pecans versus the traditional Pine Nuts (which I find to be bland and boring).  I’ve also made Pesto with Walnuts but they can make the Pesto bitter.  Try the Pecans and see what you think.  Follow my recipe to a tee and it will turn out perfect every time!  Tried, tested and true!

In my upcoming Book “PASSION My Journey though Food” I highlight this recipe along with ideas of how and what to serve it with. Be looking for that late Summer, Early Fall.

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Dreamy, Melt in Your Mouth, Lemon Semi Fredo


My friend Heidi turned me on to Lemon Semi Fredo over 10 years ago.  We have both been making it ever since.  She brought it to our annual Christmas Wine Pairing Party one year and everyone when nuts over it…so the next year, I asked her to bring it again…

To describe it; it is dreamy, smooth, melt in your mouth amazing…ask anyone who’s tasted it.  I describe it as a cross between Hollandaise, Creme Brûlé and Custard. It is a Frozen Dessert and we like to top ours with Freshly Cut, In-Season Berries (no sugar needed if they’re already sweet). The texture of it in your mouth is like I said, dreamy and it compares to nothing else I’ve ever had before.

The presentation you see here was from a few weeks ago at a ladies Tropical Party I hosted.  My friend Ione came 2 days early to help me and I had her make this luscious Dessert and another friend Beth who also helped was the one that set up the tray for serving.  What a great team we make, these two women are amazing! Continue reading “Dreamy, Melt in Your Mouth, Lemon Semi Fredo”

What's happening right now

Re Purposed Boutique Second Chances for First Choices, Queen Creek, AZ

IMG_4888 2

I wanted to share “Re Purposed Boutique” with you because it is the best kept secret in Queen Creek, Arizona!  Meet Christie…she is the manager there and does an amazing job!  She is one of those people you love the minute you talk to her.  She is always smiling, friendly and accommodating. She definitely brings people back because you just want to be in her presence. She is unique and special beyond words…you will also experience the professional and kind students who take pride in helping out there. Continue reading “Re Purposed Boutique Second Chances for First Choices, Queen Creek, AZ”

Food Critic Segment/Restaurant Reviews

SAND BAR *New Restaurant Gilbert, AZ


5/1/19 This is the new Sand Bar in Gilbert Arizona!  It is across the street from the outdoor San Tan Valley Mall, right at that main intersection.  As soon as you see it from the road you want to drive right over to it.  The look of it from the road makes you feel like you are on vacation in the Bahamas somewhere!  I am SO excited this place has come so close to us.  It’s just SO exciting!


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Cookbook News

Sneak Peak into the Cookbook Cover Shoot


I just wanted to give you all a sneak peek into our Cover Shoot.  It took 2 days to arrange, prep and make.  The shoot itself took over 7 hours and just over 650 shots.  We think we got the Front and Back Cover Shots and are excited that they are in the hands of the Cover Designer as we speak.  Editing is finally finished and the book is off to the design stage.  Exciting!  Prayers that the book will be finished by the Fall.

57387419047__3AA018DE-3D86-4B5F-9BB3-AB9390F48F57I will physically be in the picture but wanted you to see the set up.  Thank you to Bonnie S. for all her help.  We had fun!

Thanks to John for all his hard work and expertise!

We’re getting there, and this 4 year dream is turning into a reality! 

Have a great day!!


“Just Jules in the Kitchen”