Pork Medallions with “Just Jules” Prime Rib and Meat Rub in a Light Cream Sauce with Mushrooms


Quick and Easy:

  1. Buy a Whole Tenderloin and Slice into 1/2″ slices.  Sprinkle Heavily with my Prime Rib and Meat Dry Rub (which you can buy at my on-line store). Sauté  in Olive Oil for about 10 Minutes, Flipping once.
  2. Leaving Pork in Pan, add Heavy Cream to the Pan (about 1 Cup) and let Cook for about 10-15 Minutes.
  3. *The Mushroom are in my New Cook Book under Veggies and Titled 9 Hour Burgundy Mushrooms.
  4. *You can omit the Mushrooms or add Quartered Mushrooms that have been previously Sautéed in a Pan with a Little Butter, Kosher Salt and Cracked Black Pepper and either Herbes de Provence, Italian Seasoning, Dried Tarragon or Sweet Basil.  Rosemary would also be good. Add Kosher Salt & Pepper to  taste.


Pork Medallions with my Prime Rib and Meat Rub, 9 Hour Burgundy Mushrooms, Brown Rice Robusto! (all found in my new cookbook) and Buttery Fresh Green Beans.

Bon Appetite!

Just Jules in the Kitchen

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My Easy Version of Blueberry Jam or Compote (this only took me 10 minutes to make)!


This only took me 10 Minutes to make! I had a bunch of Blueberries that needed to be eaten in the next few days and I didn’t want them to go to waste so this is what I came up with! Read on for the recipe… Continue reading “My Easy Version of Blueberry Jam or Compote (this only took me 10 minutes to make)!”


Have you ever had a Pale Sweet Potato?


I saw this Potato at the grocery store and thought I would try it.  It was a variety of Sweet potato that I had not seen nor bought before.  It has a thin, light colored skin and flesh (more like a baked potato). It’s not sweet (just so so subtly can you pick up a slight hint of it) and after cooked, it has a dry texture, and seems to stay a bit hard no matter how long you bake it.  It’s very interesting.  I put Butter and Salt & Pepper on it like a regular Baked Potato but I guess I am used to the creaminess of a Baked Potato.  I liked this Potato because it was different and fun to try, but I don’t know that I would seek it out.

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