From Jules Cookbook, What's for dinner?

Balsamic marinated Portabella Mushroom Cap

This is one of my favorite Sides. You can also serve it as an Appetizer and cut it into 2 or 4 pieces. It is great with Steak or Pork and is also a great Vegetarian choice. You can find it in my Cookbook, PASSION My Journey through Food.
This is cooked on the Grill. We put it on about 7 minutes before the Steak and it is usually perfect by the time the Steak is done.
I marinated the Steak with Olive Oil and Two of my Spices; Kona Coffee Rub and Prime Rib Rub. YUM!

I have some really great Spice Rubs you may like. I also added a new one called Lavender & Citrus.
This is a Prime Ribeye Steak. We like to Grill it, then slice it horizontally and then across so that we each get to have some of the ends and the middle pieces. Usually we cannot finish the whole Steak so I put it into Omelette’s the next day. Delicious!

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From Jules Cookbook, Fun Snacks!

Mini Pepperoncini and Pepperoni Tacos

These are wonderful to bring to a party, to add to a Cheese Board or to Skewer and put into a Bloody Mary!
You can find the Simple Recipe in my book PASSION My Journey through Food
These are very popular when I bring them to a party and oftentimes it is “requested” that I bring them. Super fun and super yum!

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From Jules Cookbook, What's for Dessert?

Mini Mud Pies

You will find Mini Mud Pies in my book PASSION My Journey through Food on page 332. My Book is Step-by-Step with lots of Color Photos!
I found Mini Free Form (cheesecake) Tins is a pack of 3. I bought two packs so I would have 6.
It pops right out and then you remove the bottom piece with a straight knife.
You can serve the Whole Piece or cut in half (which is what I do). Ingredients are simple. Oreo Cookie Crust, Coffee Ice Cream, Fudge Sauce and Almonds.
Serve with a Chocolate Sauce Drizzle and Whipped Cream
It’s delicious! If you have half you might wish you had the whole thing!

PS For those of you who have the book, the recipe can make up to 4 mini pies, you would just need to add another 1/2 cup almonds to stretch it (oops on my part I put down it makes 2).

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Happy Easter!


This year I put out all the Bunny’s I have. Most of these I had given to Johns Mom for Birthdays and when she passed on to Heaven, the family gave them back to me. I love them all. They each tell a story if you look into their eyes…
I dedicate this Easter to my amazing and loving and faithful parents Gordy and Donna Farmer. My Dad is 93 and my Mom is 90. They will celebrate 72 years of marriage this April. They have never been apart and they are always holding hands.
Sweethearts forever!


On a Whim, What's for dinner?

Salmon and Caper Crostini

This particular night I wasn’t in the mood for a large dinner so I prepared the components for one of my favorite snacks. Capers, Cream Cheese, Baked Salmon and House-made Crostini’s.
Doesn’t this look delicious? It truly is one of my favorite things. I also love this on a Toasted English Muffin.
Bon Appetite!

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