A Little about Me




Let me introduce myself, my name is Jules and I am an Author, Home Chef and madly in love with Cooking! My true PASSION comes straight from my heart, through God’s promptings, flows out of my mind and spills onto a plate.  It’s hard to explain the feeling I get when I am creating and cooking but something takes over and I am instantly in my “Happy Place”!

Like the great Julia Childs once said, you know something is your true PASSION when you leap out of bed everyday and want to just get right to it.  The most fun I am having in this 4 year process of preparing for my upcoming cookbook is making and perfecting recipes, making them over and over, staging the dishes and taking photos that look appetizing and beautiful.  I especially like writing the detailed stories that go along with each one.

My work background is in hospitality and I have done everything from waitressing, to bartending, to catering, training, catering sales and I was even a travel agent and hair dresser at one point.  The whole time I was doing all of these different trades and learning and growing my way through life, I realized that cooking, creating recipes, entertaining and setting up events was my true PASSION.  I am one of those people who has my dining room table set at all times, it just makes me feel good!

Throughout my career, I always gravitated toward the back of the house and to the kitchen to see what the Chefs were up to, I just naturally landed there. All this time I was like a sponge soaking up every bit of information I could digest and would cook regularly at home. As I was entertaining on a pretty regular basis I would hear rumblings of good cheer and accolades and soon realized I might have quite a knack for this “cooking” thing. So, for as long as I can remember I have been writing down my ideas, recipes, taking photos, perfecting and cooking, cooking, cooking.  

I blush when people call me a Chef but perhaps I have earned the title. I look at all the wonderful Chef’s, even some we see on the Food Network channel and other Food channels who don’t have an official culinary degree but are some of the best Chef’s out there.  I truly believe that the best schooling is getting out there and perfecting your craft and when you have the PASSION to go along with it you have hit a home run, in this case a home run in the kitchen!  

So my friends, I am truly excited and honored to be where I am today, in sunny Arizona, following my life’s PASSION. And I might add that my husband’s company transferred us from the Midwest (Minnesota, my home state) and plopped us smack dab in the Sonoran Desert.  We love it here and are relishing in the retired life without really being retired.  God has truly blessed us in every way and all the glory goes to Him!  Gosh, what a journey this has been…I am hoping that through my journey you will find your long-awaited PASSION and you will go for it with all your heart!  

Bless your hearts!!  Jules
Busy working on my newly released cookbook “PASSION My Journey through Food” available now on my Website Store, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, a 4-1/2 year project!  Dreams really do come true!
I won the Grilled Cheese Cook Off 2017! At Encanterra Country Club!

*Note: I do all my own Food Photography and on my blog/website unless otherwise noted. (property of Jules)

My First Cookbook, “PASSION My Journey through Food” is available on my Website and on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.