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Delicious and Mouthwatering French Toast!

Oh my goodness! Delicious and Mouthwatering!
We had a dinner party last night and a friend (Trish) gave me this delicious gift from Kneaders Bakery and Cafe. She said, “It’s really good to make French Toast with”. Well, she was spot on. This was the BEST French Toast we have ever tasted! This loaf is called “CHUNKY CINNAMON BREAD” and it has cinnamon swirl throughout and a light frosting which caramelizes when you pan fry it. They also have a famous CARAMEL SYRUP which is the next best reason that I must go there immediately!
Stacked up and ready to go! Simple whisked Eggs with Cinnamon.
The flip! Make sure it’s good and soaked.
I made this very quickly (and it was simply wonderful), but Kneaders has a great overnight recipe which you can find on their blog. Just search for “Kneaders Overnight French Toast Recipe (the date on it was May 1, 2018).
Pretty much the BEST thing ever! My new favorite thing! Can’t wait to serve it for guests.
I topped it with Butter, Good Maple Syrup, Candied Pecans and Toasted Coconut. We used to get a Coconut Syrup in Hawaii. Today would’ve been the perfect time to use it. Wish I had some right now!
I was just thinking that this would be great as a dessert!

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