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Balsamic marinated Portabella Mushroom Cap

This is one of my favorite Sides. You can also serve it as an Appetizer and cut it into 2 or 4 pieces. It is great with Steak or Pork and is also a great Vegetarian choice. You can find it in my Cookbook, PASSION My Journey through Food.
This is cooked on the Grill. We put it on about 7 minutes before the Steak and it is usually perfect by the time the Steak is done.
I marinated the Steak with Olive Oil and Two of my Spices; Kona Coffee Rub and Prime Rib Rub. YUM!

I have some really great Spice Rubs you may like. I also added a new one called Lavender & Citrus.
This is a Prime Ribeye Steak. We like to Grill it, then slice it horizontally and then across so that we each get to have some of the ends and the middle pieces. Usually we cannot finish the whole Steak so I put it into Omelette’s the next day. Delicious!

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  1. Hi Jules….Just wanted to thank you for the cute Easter card. So clever. You are so talented.

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