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Fresh Ahi Tuna!

Fresh Ahi Tuna with two different presentations.  My husband came home from Costco with 3 beautiful pieces of Fresh Ahi.  The pieces are huge.  We had it over two nights.  It’s very fresh and clean. If you’re on FB click on link for photos and recipe.  Sign up for my blog while you’re there!

For the Marinade i just mixed Soy Sauce, Fresh Squeezed Lime and Sesame Oil.  I marinated for about 15 minutes, flipping a few times.  In a Flat Bowl I added Black Sesame Seeds and White Sesame Seeds.   Cont…

Roll the Tuna in the Seeds to completely cover all sides.  Get a pan really hot with Olive Oil.  Place the Tuna into the Oil.  Cook on the Flat Side for 1 minute up to 3 minutes (depending on how you like it cooked). John likes his more rare and I like mine cooked a little longer.  Rare is the proper way to cook Ahi Tuna. Continue to Sear each side but only a 45 seconds to a minute on each side.  It also depends on how thick the pieces are.  These were very thick so I cooked them longer.



Choose what sides you’d like to serve with it.  The first night was on a whim so I had to improvise.  The dipping sauce is the same ingredients as the marinade. I had fresh Lime, hard Chinese Noodles and I made a Fresh Corn with Jalapeño Side (spicy) and a Cilantro Brown Rice. *You need to have your sides ready to go because the Tuna cooks so quickly. Pan to Plate.


The second night I had the Side Items I love since John ran to the store for me.  I did the same Marinade but for the sides made White Rice, sticky, Fresh Ginger and Wasabi (my favs) and a Ground Fresh Chili Paste (hot) and comes in a jar.  Super  yum!

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