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To die for! Creamy Fettucini Afredo!

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Fabulous and fattening! But you don’t have to eat the whole thing! Comfort food at its finest!

For the Sauce:


For the Sauce: It’s the Parmesan Cream Sauce in my book shown on Pages 110 and 195.  Grated Parmesan, Heavy Cream, Butter, Kosher Salt and Cracked Pepper.  To this I also add freshly Ground Nutmeg.  Freshly Ground makes all the difference in the world! You can buy Nutmeg Whole (its hard shell is egg-shaped and gray-brown and about 1″ long) and then Grate it on a hand grater. (*Did you know when it is dried and ground it is called the spice; MACE?) Whisk the Sauce on Medium until it gets a slight thickness.  It should stick to the Spoon without sliding off easily.  Sauce only takes max 10 Minutes.  Make this while the Noodles are boiling.


Put Kosher Salt and Olive Oil in the Water.  Cook Noodles until El Dente’ (to the tooth).

Now this may sound crazy, and it may even be out of sequence, and I’m sure there are some Chef’s out there saying I’m doing this incorrectly (but like Julia Child’s says; never apologize…as I smile). I add 1 whipped Egg Yolk to the Noodles before adding the Sauce.  Yes, it curdles just a little tiny bit but it adds so much texture to the Pasta and makes it absolutely delicious! You can omit this step if you’d like.  Just crazy me doing crazy stuff. Oh but it’s so good…


YEP…that’s what I’m talking about! Can you see all the texture?…and just about taste the scrumptious flavor?


I know you want to get your fork and dig right on…I know you do…


Enjoy!! Bon Appetite!

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