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Rango Honey, Tempe Arizona! This is incredible! Check it out!


This wonderful gal named Kimberley Deane who lives in Minnesota reached out to me via email after she saw the story about me in the Lake Minnetonka magazine.  She does a lot of fundraising and wanted me to do a hosted dinner (but sadly I don’t live there so that didn’t work out) but anyway, it turns out she is the National Sales Manager for a Honey Company in Tempe, AZ.  How cool is that?  She shipped me this beautiful selection of Honey along with Bee Pollen and Raw Honey Comb.  I am so excited to try it and also to experiment with it through new recipes.  I will share them with you as I create them.


If you go to the website http://www.RangoHoney.com you will see helpful tips on Honey and a Recipe page as well. The website has a striking design and is beautifully laid out. I look forward to learning more about all the unique flavors of honey she sent to me.  Also about the Bee Pollen and the Raw Honey Comb. IMG_3162IMG_3165IMG_3164


I’m excited for you to check out her website and to explore the recipes on her site.  If you love honey and would like it shipped it comes beautifully packaged.  I’m in love with the colorful design on the label.  I will let you all know how the Honey is as I venture in!


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