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What’s for Lunch? Grilled Burgers with the must have GBB!


Burger Patty with Kosher Salt and Pepper both sides. Hot Grill (I like a charcoal grill).


GBB – Grilled Buttered Bun (my husband turned me on to this long ago when we first met).  The Bun looks burnt and it gets that way just around the edges but it is  just the way I like it.  Has a nice crunch and then a soft center, and with everything else, it just works.  Actually it makes the whole Sandwich! *A fresh Bakery Bun (the kind in the plastic case where you can buy singles). 


What do you like on your Burger?  This one just has Mayo, Ketchup, Mustard, Famous Daves Spicy Pickles and Melted Cheddar.  I really like a thick slice of Sweet Vidalia Onion but didn’t have any on hand this particular day.


I must tell you that the GBB makes the Whole Sandwich!  Something about that crunch on the outside and the soft center on the inside.  You should try it! *We do our Brat Buns this way during Football season too.

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