"Shout Outs"

STEP LADDER A shout out to my friend Jill’s new book!

Jill and I were both in the restaurant business together way back in the day.  Her newly released book is about the work place and some really bad bosses.  I am loving her book so much.  It is dramatic, truthful, funny, quirky (along with a few swear words) and unique. It is a page turner and a one day read.  Her creative writing style is like something I’ve never seen before. I’m truly impressed and recommend it to anyone in the workplace or corporate world that has experienced one or more really bad bosses and is looking for a little therapy with a little humor.  Bold Truth at it’s finest.  Available on Amazon

PS We both still love our Pink Lipper!

PASSION My Journey through Food, Jules Meyer Author, discounted and signed copies available through http://www.justjulesinthekitchen.com/shop or purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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