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Grimaldi’s Pizza in Gilbert, AZ


My new favorite Pizza!!  I was here on 11/18/19, and on 1/26/2020.  I can’t wait to go back again! The location is in the outdoor San Tan Mall in Gilbert off of Williams Field Rd.

Read on for the review.IMG_9155This was our amazing server, Alanna.  She was so happy and smily, and knew her stuff!  We happened to be there on a Monday day, and they had half off all Wine Carafes.  Theresa, my guest fell in love with 19 Crimes Red Wine and went to Frys to get it the very next day.  It was smooth and silky and paired really well with our pizza. We happened to be there later in the afternoon, and there was a storm brewing, so we sat for several hours until it passed.  Nice restaurant to held up at, nice atmosphere, and cozy.  I rate this Pizza a 10.  Caesar Salad a 9.  Inside Atmosphere 9, Outside Patio (on the street) a 7.




The wine special was 1/2 off Carafes of Wine. You could pick any wine.  The one we wanted they were out of so she gave us the 19 Crimes Red Blend  for the same price as the other one.  I think we only paid $10 total.  

Warm, cozy and relaxing atmosphere.  The chandalier’s are made up of wine bottles.  Nice bar that opens up to the outside.  On my second visit, with Marsha we sat at the bar for lunch and enjoyed the open air.


Theresa and I shared a 18″ pizza and it was fabulous.  Love brick oven, thin crust style pizza (in this case it’s called Coal-Brick Oven). It’s not all about the sauce but about the toppings, the cheese and the thin, crispy crust. I especially like the pepperoni they use..I love the way it curls up after baking.


Here’s Theresa with her delicious slice of pizza.  We were very happy. As you can see, the restaurant was pretty bare, but that was because of the storm. We just happened to get in right before it hit.

The picture of me with the Red Pepper Shaker is a tribute to my friend Joy (from Encanterra) who is madly in love with hot peppers.  Previous to this post on February 17, I did a story about her.  If  you haven’t seen it check it out. You will laugh.  Oh, and “Cheers” to us!

On the January visit with Marsha we ordered the individual 12″ Pizzas so we could choose our own toppings.  Simply fabulous this time around as well.  Unfortunately  I forgot to take pictures of her, and also of where we were sitting at the bar.  Also on both occasions we shared the Caesar Salad (no picture) and it was really great.  You can add Fresh Mozzarella to it which was super good. It also had the shaved pieces of Parmesan which I love.  It’s served in a nice big, deep bowl, and a perfect amount for sharing between two people. 

My overall rating is a 9. I highly recommend Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Gilbert, AZ  They have many locations.  It’s great for a date night, a lunch before or after shopping or to bring company to. So, with a Carafe of Wine (approx. 1-1/2 glass of wine per person), Sharing a Caesar Salad, and an 18″ Pizza, with tip, it was just $17.79 per person. Great Value.  

Bon Appetite!

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