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Yep! Your’ seeing this right! Holy Hot Peppers! Read on for Joy’s story…


At our Club one night we sat next to Joy and Brit and they had just ordered a pizza. When the pizza came out, Joy reached for the hot pepper shaker.  After that, it was all comedy, and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.  I have never seen anything like this in my whole life.  Joy LOVES hot peppers and as each piece was consumed I learned a little bit more about her.

Joy LOVES hot peppers and she says it is never too hot for her…

As you can see, Brit’s piece doesn’t have any peppers on it…he explains to us that he’s never seen anything like this either, but Joy does this with many of the foods she eats.  It’s just never hot enough…

Here’s a few more slices. I’m pretty certain the shaker is emptying out about now…or soon to run out. Now mind you, we started with a full shaker. I did a little interview on the spot with Joy and this is how she explained it to me… Her Mom lived in Colorado. Mexican food was cheap. In college her Mom ate Mexican food 3 times a week.  Joy was in her Mother’s womb eating Mexican! She has been eating hot peppers and hot food ever since and can’t get enough of it.


Joy says she also keeps Tabasco in her purse, and she makes people happy on the airplane cuz the Bloody Marys taste so much better.  I said, “is it ever too hot for you?”  She said, “No, it tastes spicy to me but not hot”.

I guess this is our last piece and the shaker is empty!!!  LOL!  Honestly I still laugh just thinking about this! (and by the way, Joy gave me permission to write this article…I really have never laughed so hard or seen anything like this).

So another time, weeks later, we went to the Club and Joy was having Spaghetti and Meatballs.  As you can see….it was just a continuation, and again I laughed out loud.  Love this girl!! Can’t wait to catch her in the act again!  Until next time…


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