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My Easy Version of Blueberry Jam or Compote (this only took me 10 minutes to make)!


This only took me 10 Minutes to make! I had a bunch of Blueberries that needed to be eaten in the next few days and I didn’t want them to go to waste so this is what I came up with! Read on for the recipe…


I wrote the Ingredients and Steps down in my journal but didn’t put the exact measurements so you will have to “wing” this one and make it your own but it went something like this…

INGREDIENTSFresh Blueberries, Maple Syrup, Honey, Stevia Sugar or White Sugar (just a few pinches), Freshly Ground Anise and Fennel Seed and a tiny pinch of Kosher Salt.

HOW TO MAKE: In a non-stick sautéd pan or pot, put all ingredients in and simmer down (same method as making cranberry sauce). Simmer down until it looks like the picture.  There should be some Whole Berries and some broken down. *It will only take 10 minutes unlike Cranberry Sauce which takes longer because the Berries are hard.

These were delicious!  Serve over Chicken Breasts or on English Muffins, Bagels or Toast.  Serve alongside or on top of Baked Brie. YUM!

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