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Have you ever used Fresh Ginger?


Have you ever used Fresh Ginger before?  This is what it looks like if you’ve never seen it.  You can find it fresh like this in every grocery store.

DSC_0267 2

This is what it looks like inside. You may have heard of Ginger Snaps, Ginger Bread, Ginger Beer, Candied Ginger.  Ginger can be used in both Sweet and Savory dishes but dried ground Ginger is not a substitute for fresh Ginger as they are very different in flavor and texture.  

*Check out my blog post from October 5, 2019 on Fresh Seared Ahi Tuna marinated and served with fresh Ginger.  

DSC_0268 2

You can grate, thinly slice or chop Fresh Ginger.  I peeled it with a vegetable peeler first.


Finely chopped Ginger, so fragrant and delicious. 

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