Grilled Peppers & Olives on Sandwich Thins finished under the Broiler


Oh my so yummy!  I threw this together with leftover Grilled Peppers as the inspiration and then added Sliced Green and Black Olives and Provolone Cheese.  See Recipe below.



I love Sandwich Thins because you can actually taste what’s in the Sandwich inside.  The Bread doesn’t take over the Sandwich.  This remind me of a Muffuletta Sandwich in a way, and it was truly delicious. I took the first bite and “poof” it was all gone!

Here’s the simple Recipe;

  1. 1 Sandwich Thin, 2 Pieces, put into Toaster, then Butter each Piece
  2. Set Oven to Broil and get a Cookie Sheet with a Piece of Foil
  3. On one Sandwich Thin lay Sliced Black Olives and on the other lay Sliced Green Olives
  4. Cover Olives on both Thins with a Large Slice of Provolone, 2 pieces total. 
  5. Top each Thin with some Grilled Peppers (NOTE: I Marinate in Olive Oil, Kosher Salt and Pepper and Dried Tarragon or Sweet Basil and Grill till Al Dente). *I used Leftovers for this recipe that I had made the night before
  6. Put under the Broiler for 1-2 Minutes until fully Melted.
  7. Drizzle with good quality Olive Oil then close into a Sandwich and cut in Half


Just Jules in the Kitchen

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