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Grilled Chicken Breast with Provolone and Bacon (great for game day)!


We decided to switch it up for College Football game day!  Instead of Brats or a Burger we decided to do this delicious Sandwich.  I must say it was one of the Best Grilled Chicken Sandwiches we had ever had! Read on for Recipe and Photos.

Marinate the Chicken Breasts in Olive Oil and some type of Vinegar (I used Tarragon Vinegar) with Kosher Salt and Cracked Pepper and Dried Tarragon (you can choose whichever dry seasoning you’d like). Cook the Bacon till Crisp.

Grill the Chicken on Both sides then move Off Heat, Cover and Cook until the center reaches 175 degrees (or press on it and when it feels firm take a little slice to it to make sure it is white all the way through – no pink, should be white and juicy). 

Butter your Fresh Bakery Bun with Butter on both halves and throw on the grill. *A soft, buttered, Grilled Bun is KEY to this Sandwich. *We buy them in the bakery section where they are baked fresh daily and sold individually.

Slide a piece of Foil under the Chicken, add 1-2  pieces of Provolone to fully cover. Top with Bacon Strips to Cover the length of the Sandwich. let melt about 3-4 minutes.

I served our with BBQ Sauce on the side for dipping.


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