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Eli’s Blueberry Pepper Jam


One of John’s customers, Atwood Family Farms in Eustis, Florida makes this fabulous Jam! We tried it today on Ezekiel English Muffins.  It was absolutely delicious. Homemade, Fresh, Peppery, Plump Berries but with lots of Juice. It tasted and looked as if it had just been made today. It was different than store bought, over the shelf type Jam, which is “tight”. This was loose and juicy, drinkable, with plump berries that had just been picked.  After the first bite I wanted more and I kept adding more juice over the top. It seeped into the Muffin, The Peppery Tones were unique and something I hadn’t tasted before in a Blueberry Jam. 

I would buy this again and recommend it to all of you. It was only $5. I’m certain we will be ordering more!


Happy Eating!

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