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Grilled and Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers (3 simple ingredients) Great for Game Day!



1).With a small knife or your fingers pull all the seeds and cartilage out from the inside of the Jalapeño Peppers.  This can be done under running water.  You may start to cough as they are strong and the oils will go right up into your nose and throat.

2). Generously fill a spoon with room temp Cream Cheese and stuff into the Pepper. *You want as much as you can stuff because you will lose some as it is grilling. *You need the Cream Cheese to offset the Heat when eating.

3). Start at one end and wrap one slice of Bacon around about to the center.  Then, starting at the other end take a 2nd piece of Bacon and wrap around from the other direction to meet in the center. Secure with a toothpick. *2 pieces of Bacon per Jalapeño. 


Place on Hot Grill.  Flip to Grill all sides.  After you have a nice char move to the outside of the heat (off heat) and cover.  You want the outside Bacon to be crispy but you also have to make sure the Jalapeño becomes al dente (softened but to the tooth). *Note that some of the Cream Cheese may start to seep out, this is why we stuff them so full.


YUM!  This appetizer does require a small plate and a fork and sharp knife to eat.  They can be a bit messy.  I serve 2 per person.


Bon Appetite!

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