Spicy Tilapia with Lemon Rind served with Black Rice, Shelled Edamame and Mixed Nuts


You can use any White Fish, Salmon, Shrimp or Scallops for this Recipe but the one thing you must have is my Spicy Shrimp and Seafood Rub (which you can purchase on my website).  See Recipe below.



Basic Ingredients and Quick Lesson for Rice;

Do ahead: Cook Dry Brown and Black Rice – Cook per Instructions on Bag for 2 People

  1. In Olive Oil Sauté ;  Finely Chopped 1/2 Can Black Olives, 1 Shallot and 4 Garlic Cloves for about 5-8 Minutes 
  2. Now add Cooked Rice into the Mixture, stir
  3. Add Sliced Almonds and Broken Pecans (about 1/4th Cup total Nuts) *I toast mine first in a Sauce Pan for 4-5 Minutes to bring out their flavor
  4. Measure 1/2 Cup Fresh Cilantro then chop and add to the Rice Mixture
  5. Microwave Shelled Frozen Edamame (or you could use Frozen Lima Beans). Microwave for approx. 3 Minutes then add to the mix right at the end.
  6. Kosher Salt and Cracked Pepper to taste.  
  7. At the very end add in 1-2 Tbsp Cold Butter and let melt in. Stir well.


Simple Ingredients and Lesson for the Fish;

Set Oven to 350

  1. 2 Pieces Of Tilapia or White Fish, put into an Oven Proof Dish
  2. Squeeze 1 Whole Lemon over each piece of Fish, *save the Lemon, we will be using the Rind.
  3. Sprinkle heavily with my Spicy Shrimp and Seafood Rub (which you can buy at my on-line store). Add a sprinkle of Kosher Salt and Ground Black Pepper
  4. Cut the Rind off the Whole Lemon with a Knife and then Chop. Evenly place over each piece of Fish *this will almost caramelize in the oven and get a nice chewy texture to it while adding an extra burst of Bold Lemon Zest
  5. Bake in Oven for 12-15 Minutes until the Fish flakes apart easily with the flat of a fork.


Serve Fish atop the Black Rice & Edamame and Enjoy!

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