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Go Badgers! It’s Game Day!


A day filled with traditions!

Badger Day, filled with Traditions! and yes that’s a bandage.  I cut my thumb with a very sharp night a few nights ago! (ouch)

Thanks for the great socks Nikki and James, John loves them!

Bucky Badger Aka; Alfred Hudec, my Bucky.  He always brought us Kringles from Racine Wisconsin.  We still carry on the tradition to this day.  I miss you every day Bucky…

IMG_7991Half time!  Ready for Burgers! (we rotate game days with Brats or Burgers).

Just Jules in the Kitchen

PASSION My Journey through Food.  Look for it in October 2019. Signed copies will be available on my website/store and you can also order on amazon, Barnes and Noble and many others.

Just Jules in the Kitchen Spices; justjulesinthekitchenspices.com/spices














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