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Mariposa & Dahl & DiLuca, Sedona AZ

Mussels in a Spicy Sausage Broth

The fabulous Mariposa!  This post is long overdue but I just had to get it out there because it is simply one of  the best experiences you will ever have.  This is my 3rd review and post about Mariposa and my 2nd review on Dahl & DiLuca, both in Sedona Arizona and expertly executed by the Team of Chef and Owner Lisa Dahl.  If you want to celebrate a special occasion like we did here, with Tony and Laura, celebrating Tony’s Birthday, and Valentines Day (last February), you will not be disappointed, in fact you will be craving for more! Enjoy the photos and wish you were there, right now, this very moment!


Tony and John, a beverage at the bar beforehand.  Mariposa is so perfectly positioned and nestled into where you feel like you are in a cove and just surrounded by magnificent mountains and scenery.  Sedona is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been too.  Breathtakingly beautiful and peaceful.

Laura and I taking a selfie! Cheers to us!

Rombauer of course!  John our excellent waiter!  He was simply fabulous! Honig another fabulous wine the guys selected.

Oh my goodness, I want to be there so bad right now! Look at this fabulous food!  My favorite and must have is the Lobster Mashed Potatoes. Yes and more please!  The Mussels are insanely good with Chorizo Sausage and Fresh Sweet Corn.  The texture of the Sauce or Broth and flavor, is knock you down, out of this world.The Seafood Mixed Plate of the evening with Lobster Tail, Grilled Shrimp and Pan Seared Scallops, Tenderloin of Beef with Chimi Churu and the Fresh Fish of the day with Quinoa and Fresh Corn.  Simply fabulous! They also brought out a beautiful dessert for Tony’s Birthday but I cannot find a picture of it in my files.   They really understand service at Mariposa and spoil you rotten!

We were so excited that Chef and Owner Lisa Dahl came by special to visit with us.  As I have mentioned many times she has endorsed my upcoming book and I am honored and thrilled!


Lisa Dahl has an amazing cookbook which she sent to me as a gift and she also has a beautiful small book highlighting the construction of Mariposa, and the meaning behind the restaurant, and where it’s located.  She signed this copy for Tony and Laura (so special).

After dinner Lisa Dahl invited us to an after party at Dahl & DiLuca just down the road (her other fabulous restaurant that you must go to), and we had dessert and house made limoncello.  A night we will all remember!  

Lobster Mashed Potatoes infused with Lemon Zest

So I insist you plan on going to Sedona for your next special event or just go because it’s a great weekend getaway and you want to have really fabulous food, service and memories that will last for years!

Check out Lisa Dahls new Restaurant in Sedona called Butterfly Burger!  I can hardly wait to check it out! I have had her burger before and the minute you put it into  your mouth you look at the person next to you, roll your eyes, and say WOW!

Go to for all the details on all of her fabulous restaurants. 

Bon Appetite!

Just Jules in the Kitchen

Look for PASSION My Journey through Food, out in October!




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  1. A fabulous time and a great meal with wonderful friends. Highly recommend Mariposa and Dahl and DiLuca. Look forward to visiting her other establishments. And be sure if you’re taking Uber – they literally close down after 9:00. We fortunately got a ride back to the hotel from the bartenders friend I think it was.

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