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Lahaina, HI


Fresh Papaya right off the tree. Did you know you can eat the Peppery Seeds? Great whole or Ground and used in Salad Dressing….but moist people just discard them.


Enoki reaching for the Coconut.


This is at Enoki and Vicky’s private home and also their nursery open to the public.


We got to drink the juice right from the Coconut. The liquid is drained by piercing two of the three eyes with an ice pick or knife tip.


Enoki is an expert at cracking a Coconut! Check out the Small or Dwarf Bananas!


This is a young Coconut but the meat was beautiful.  The meat is removed and the inner skin scraped off. You can grate or chop the meat or just eat it just like this.  It is unsweetened straight from the Coconut unlike Flaked Coconut you are used to buying in the store which is sweetened.

I love this picture…it brings me right back to that day, which was so amazing to be up front and personal with all the glorious fruit that are grown fresh, year-round in the Hawaiian Islands.


This is Enoki and Vicky, the owners. The property was so breathtaking.


Fresh Hawaiian Papaya after I removed the seeds.  I have never in my life tasted Papaya like this…so juicy, with a sweet, tart flavor. Delicious!

West Maui Irrigation & Nursery Supply  105 Ala Hoku Place Lahaina, HI 96761 vicky@westmauiirrigation.com


PASSION My Journey through Food; coming out this October 2019








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