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PAPPADEAUX Seafood Kitchen (Houston Texas)


Tilapia, fresh caught, Jumbo Gulf Shrimp, fresh caught, nothing like the food we had in Galveston Texas…some of the freshest Seafood we have ever had and the flavors are fabulous.  


This is the BEST Cobb Salad I have ever had!  Fresh Gulf Shrimp, Crispy Sugary Bacon, Crumbled Bleu Cheese, Fresh Avocado, Light Greens and a Light Lemon Vinaigrette Dressing.  Superb! Oh and I loved the tomatoes, like Cherubs or something close to it.  


This restaurant was in the Houston Airport.  John had been there before and said he had to take me here.  There is a wait to get in.  Only downfall is there is no A.C. but once you get your food you forget all about that. Our server RAYLEN was the happiest person we had ever met in a very long time.  She smiled from ear to ear our entire visit and was the most accommodating server we have ever had (or at least up there in the top 2).  They are lucky to have her.


…thought I’d throw in a few pictures I took of Shrimp Boats in for the night.  We went on an amazing Boat Ride while in Galveston for Kellie and Gary’s 20th Anniversary (vow renewal).  The catering on that boat was amazing too.


Loved looking at the Shrimp Boats.  The nets were so colorful…looks like Pirates (as in Argh).


Check out PAPPADEAUX Seafood Kitchen at the Houston Texas Airport! I learned there is one in Phoenix too, in the Kieran Commons area.  Can’t wait to check that one out!  Honestly never had Seafood this fresh before.  Wish I could have it now.

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