My Favorite Homemade Pecan Pesto with Gluten Free Brown Rice Noodles


This Pesto Pasta is easy to make, good for you and on top of that, the flavor is fabulous! I like to use Pecans versus the traditional Pine Nuts (which I find to be bland and boring).  I’ve also made Pesto with Walnuts but they can make the Pesto bitter.  Try the Pecans and see what you think.  Follow my recipe to a tee and it will turn out perfect every time!  Tried, tested and true!

In my upcoming Book “PASSION My Journey though Food” I highlight this recipe along with ideas of how and what to serve it with. Be looking for that late Summer, Early Fall.


Start with 1/4 Cup Pecans and 1  Medium Garlic Clove

*Some people  put more Garlic than this, but after much trial and error I find that 1 Garlic Clove is perfect, too much Garlic can make the Pesto Bitter.   


Chop for a few seconds (do not ground into a paste). You will be chopping more in just a second. 


Add 2 Whole Cups Fresh Basil Leaves (I have 2 Pots of this growing outside) and 1/2 Tsp Kosher Salt and 1/4 Tsp Fine Black Pepper. 

*Use exactly these measurements and it will be just right.  Do not over salt.


Pulse/Chop for just a few seconds. I like to keep the pieces a little bigger (not into a paste form). I think this gives the Pesto better texture, plus when you add the Oil in the next step it is continually chopping.

DSC_0427Through the hole slowly add 2/3 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pulsing in between.  Do this until all the Oil has been incorporated.


Next pour the Pesto into a Tupperware or Bowl.


Add in 1/2 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese.


This is my favorite part to watch the texture change.  Stir well to incorporate. Taste it.  It’s so yummy!  The Pecans make all the difference because they are sweeter than the traditional Pine Nuts normally used.

Cover and refrigerate until ready to use. *Pesto will last a few days in the fridge.

DSC_0398Use Pasta Noodle of your choice.  Here I am using a Brown Rice pasta which is Gluten Free. I love this one because it has a great texture like a regular Pasta Noodle and the Pesto adheres nicely.  Toss all around to coat.


You can add Chicken or Salmon to this Pasta or Grilled or Steamed Veggies but sometimes it’s fun to just have something simple! 


Please forward my recipes to your family and friends!  

Watch for my Upcoming Book “PASSION My Journey though Food” along with my New Spice Line soon to be released.

Have a Blessed Day!

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