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Re Purposed Boutique Second Chances for First Choices, Queen Creek, AZ

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I wanted to share “Re Purposed Boutique” with you because it is the best kept secret in Queen Creek, Arizona!  Meet Christie…she is the manager there and does an amazing job!  She is one of those people you love the minute you talk to her.  She is always smiling, friendly and accommodating. She definitely brings people back because you just want to be in her presence. She is unique and special beyond words…you will also experience the professional and kind students who take pride in helping out there.


“Re Purposed”, (Second Chances for First Choices).  Let me explain the best I can…

1). Your first choice was to purchase that item, whatever that item may be, from your favorite clothing store or shop and then when you didn’t want that item anymore you decided to give it to “Re Purposed” . 

2). So, basically, your Second Choice (or Second Chance) was to give it to “Re Purposed” for them to sell in their Boutique which is part of the Academy School and is a non-for-profit establishment called “Operation Smile”.  They sell your item in this beautiful boutique and all proceeds go to students who earn credits by putting hours in at the store. So it all goes to students in the form of scholarships for various needs they may have, what a beautiful thing!  

“Re Purposed” is a beautifully designed and laid out Boutique (or some may call a thrift shop) on the campus of the Academy School which is also on the same campus as Sun Valley Church in Queen Creek.


It is just off Rittenhouse, past the Harkin’s Movie Theatre and Barros Pizza and is down on the left hand side of Rittenhouse. It has its own turn lane which takes you to the Academy School and Sun Valley Church (which opened its doors 2 years ago in January). So, looking at this picture, Sun Valley Church would be just to the left.  It’s nice because before or after church you can pop in to see what is new, which by the way changes minute by minute. It reminds me of shopping at HomeGoods where every time you go it’s like a totally different store.  Grab it while you can because more than likely, even if you go back the next day, that item will be gone.  That is how it is here with new things coming in each day.



The Boutique is open Sunday through Thursday.  You can drop off your items anytime in a large bin that is just outside the store.  They take anything in good condition.


There are so many shoes throughout the store and all in mint condition, in fact, they look like they’ve never been worn.  The prices are kept low so you may just pay $5-$10 for a brand new pair of shoes and currently they have a ton of flip flops all in different styles and sizes.


The store is huge, and everything is organized by color, size, category and season…


Theresa and I spent 2 hours in here and looked at every single thing.


Make sure to look below and above as there are hidden things everywhere…you just might find your treasure (like right now I am seeing that leopard purse top right which I did not see before)…mmm.


There is an entire section that is all boys and mens clothes, again everything is in fabulous condition and looks brand new.


The suits were all in mint condition (which I’m sure brand new, would be upwards of $500-$1,000) and I saw some being sold for only $100.  The shoes were also amazing and shiny…some things in the store still have the original tags on them.


Here is the beautiful Christie, hosting her beautiful smile, taking our things to the dressing room. Oh shoot, that cute white and black hat…see, I missed that too…


Look how cute this is displayed.  This table is actually for sale (if it’s still there).


Mint condition Prom Dresses…


There are so many nik nacks, purses, frames, phone covers, sunglasses, just about anything and everything…


There’s Theresa!  We’re having a blast! Oh happy day!


The students built these amazing dressing rooms…just like a fancy boutique.  Great job students!  This back area had plates, dishes, placemats and such…look at all the jeans!


There were also lots of kids items and another area toward the front that had bins of toddler and kids clothes arranged by sizes.  So organized.  Oh, and there’s also a $1 bin in the front of the store that is fun to rummage through.


More fun clothes, shoes, jewelry and purses…


Here we are after our 2 hour scavenger hunt (ha!).  So much fun and we can hardly wait to go back.  Just fyi, that the day we were there they had an extra 35% off our entire purchase!  It was our lucky day!

Thank you for this amazing place! PTL!  Paying it forward and helping others, fulfilling the Dreams and Passions of others and making an impact.

There is also a Barber Shop and Coffee Shop (run just the same way as the Boutique) with delicious food on campus too.  Check them all out and support the Academy School and these amazing students.


Help them out by dropping off your lightly worn clothes and items as well as take a look around this fabulously designed and well laid out Boutique. Plan to stay more than a few minutes because I promise you will be in there for an hour (or two)!

Great job Christie and students!

Happy Shopping!

Re Purposed 20279 East Rittenhouse Road, Queen Creek, Arizona, 85142

http://www.canyonstateacademy.com   Call Christie at 480-987-2005 for store or drop off information.






3 thoughts on “Re Purposed Boutique Second Chances for First Choices, Queen Creek, AZ”

  1. Thanks Jules…. I will definitely check it out!!😀….& take some things with me for repurpose.

  2. Thank you so much Jules!!! You are an amazing lady, and you brought so much joy and enthusiasm to our environment!! Best customer ever!! I am sincerely grateful for you ❤️. Can’t wait for our next shopping adventure xoxo.

    1. Thank YOU Christie! You have done such an amazing job with the boutique. I hope more people start to go there not only to shop or donate but to meet wonderful and inspiring people like you! See you again very soon!

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