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Smells like Hawaii!


Oh my gosh!  When you walk outside your door in Arizona you can smell all the flowering fruit trees!  It is breath-taking!  Smells like the beautiful Gardenia’s in Hawaii.


The cover picture and this one are of our Ruby Red Grapefruit Tree.  Everything around is bursting with new growth and  flowering buds! Smells abound, perfume-fresh and lovely!  My husband put down some of his fertilizer and I’ve never seen this much growth or healthy, shiny leaves on this tree before.


Isn’t this beautiful?  This is the Tiny Lime or Key Lime Tree.  Flower buds everywhere.  You wouldn’t believe the Bees, they are in heaven!


This is the Meyer Lemon Tree.  The best Lemons I have ever tasted.  By the looks of it we will have an amazing crop again this year.  When the buds are fully open they are spectacular.


These are the Flower Buds on the Meyer Lemon Tree.


Look how beautiful.  Smells just like Gardenia.  My favorite smell! Can’t you just smell it?


Bougainvillea’s are starting to bloom.  Soon the wall will be covered with beautiful bold-pink flowers and lush green vines!  

 Inside the house my plants are growing new leaves as well.  I love to take care of them and watch their beautiful leaves unfold.  Each day-new.


And…I must share my beautiful Orchid again.  I thought it was done blooming but this week I woke up to 6 new buds, a few opened today.  I marvel at Gods beautiful creations!

Remember you are God’s Masterpiece!

Long before you were born, God planned things for you to do that only YOU can do.  He has a calling on your life! (Ephesians 2:10)

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


“Just Jules in the Kitchen”




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