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Making Lemon Ice Cubes


What to do with all those Lemons!  

When you have Fruit Trees you know exactly what I’m talking about.  You have so many Lemons you are giving them away to everyone you know. This January, I decided to make “Lemon Ice Cubes” for the first time and it was so fun and easy I wanted to share it with you.

They are wonderful in your “Ice Water”, “Hot Lemon Water”, “Hot Tea”, “Iced Tea” and in “Soda Water”.  You can also crush them or break them up and put them over “Fish” before it goes in the Oven.  If a recipe calls for Lemon, just grab a “Lemon Ice Cube,” ready to go, all year round.


Look at the size and color of this Lemon?  Some of them were as big as an Orange.


Here is our Lemon Tree.  It started off as a “Charlie Brown” Tree and has grown into quite a big producer of Fruit.  I can’t be sure of the exact count but there were hundreds and hundreds.  I picked the last one a few weeks ago so John could trim and fertilize before it flowered. I gave away allot of Lemons to friends here, (and I even brought some home to Minnesota over Christmas) and still had an abundance to make Lemon Ice Cubes.

Here are a few snapshots of the Lemons.  In the middle picture (in the front) you will see “Key Limes”.  That Tree is so tall and big now and everyday the base is filled with little Limes that have fallen from the tree.  I also made Lime Cubes (however it takes allot of Key Limes to make just one tray).


I went to the dollar store and bought 4 Ice Cube Trays.

Hint on something I came up with when placing the Trays in the Freezer:

  • Cut Two pieces of Cardboard big enough to hold 2 Trays.
  • Lay a piece of Cardboard in the Freezer and lay Two filled Ice Cube Trays on Top (flat and even surface).
  • Next lay the second piece of Cardboard over top and then place your last Two Trays.
  • This way they stay even and steady.
  • When the Ice Cubes are Frozen pop out of Trays and put into Baggies to freeze.  Note that Lemon Ice Cubes will not get as hard as a regular Ice Cube and they will be very  sticky to the touch.

Squeeze the Juice and fill the Trays to the top. You can use a Hand Squeezer (like I did) or you may have a fancier gadget.  Then with something like a Tea Strainer fish out as many of the Seeds as you can. I also poured the Juice into a Liquid Measuring Cup so it was easier to pour.




Once Frozen, put into Quart, Half Gallon or Gallon size Freezer Bags.               Super fun and easy!  I am so happy I made them and I will make them every single year from here on in! It will be fun to make more Key Lime ones next year as well as Grapefruit.  I’m looking forward to it!

Till next time…

Happy Eating!

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