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Herbs from my my Outdoor Garden


The Rosemary is flowering!  I went outside today and saw this beautiful Purple flower.  Oh my goodness I just love it!


My neighbor Bob showed up one day with this humungous Rosemary Plant (it was a bush, really).  His wife Michelle has a wonderful garden with just about everything you can think of in it. Her Rosemary was going wild so they gave some to me.  We bought this colorful pot to put it in and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I also have another Rosemary Plant (not as big yet) right next to it.


This is the other Rosemary Plant (flowering). So pretty!


This is Flat Leaf Italian Parsley.  Tastes so fresh…

I had a huge Basil Plant but it got over crowded in the pot so I had to pull it.  I will plant another one soon.  I love Basil. I especially love making homemade Pesto.

John built me a long wood table for the plants (waist height) so it’s easy to attend to and he also put in Drip Tubes that go into each plant so they get watered automatically each day.  This is how all our plants, trees and shrubs are watered in Arizona, (at least the community we live in) so the plants get watered on a schedule. It’s nice when you travel because the plants all tend to themselves.


This is my Lavender Plant.  It is wonderful seeped into Iced Water, Hot Water and Teas.  It compliments well with Fresh Mint and also Lemon. I am experimenting with other things to do with it.  I know it can be put in Cake, (Lemon Lavender Cake), Muffins and Scones, etc.  Any ideas let me know! 

The other plant I had was Mint but it died when we had freezing temperatures one night. (Yes, we get below freezing some nights in the Winter, even in the Desert).

I had to bring some plants inside when it got freezing and recently, (when it got cold just for a few nights) I covered them with a light piece of material.


I wanted to show you this…

The Lemon Tree is budding, soon to flower!  When all the Fruit Trees start to flower throughout the neighborhoods, watch out!  The smell is lush and dreamy and it makes you SO happy!

Such a fabulous time of year!

Till next time…

Happy Eating!


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