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Fresh Squeezed Juice (Grapefruits from my Trees)


Yum!!  Fresh Squeezed, Ruby Red Grapefruit from the tree in my back yard.  Look at the beautiful color.  I put it over ice cubes, let it chill for a minute and then smile as I drink every last sip!  It is simply wonderful!


The Grapefruits didn’t look that great this year and they were smaller than last year, in fact I only got about 16 total but the juice was absolutely delicious.


Here’s the inside…


Here they are hanging from the tree…I marvel at how that large piece of fruit can grow without falling off from heaviness…


Our friends Maria and Kevin (who happen to live here part time) but are from Minnesota gave us Grapefruits from their tree.  This is a different variety of Grapefruit, might be a White Grapefruit or a Marsh White Grapefruit.  The juice was sweet, not tart.  I loved it as much as the Ruby Red.

My Grapefruit Trees are bare now but they are already starting to flower.  We will see this luscious Fruit begin to grow in October-November and will be ready to pick December-January.

Until then….

Happy Eating!



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