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Delafield, WI “Water Street Brewery”


On our 4-day Trip to Wisconsin in September 2018, (to see the Badgers and the Green Bay Packers play), we found ourselves searching for the BEST Cheese Curds!  We didn’t plan this, it just happened!  As you may know, Wisconsin is known for really good Cheese and anyone who has been to Wisconsin knows they produce some of the BEST Cheese Curds around! The consensus with the couple we were with was that “Water Street Brewery” in Delafield, Wisconsin had the BEST Cheese Curds of the 3 places we tasted and here is why…

They had a Sharp White Cheddar Cheese and the texture was similar to a really good, fresh, String Cheese…the awesome thing about these were that they never got hard.  My experience has been that if you don’t eat Cheese Curds within a minute after they come out of the fryer, they get hard and are just not very good.  These Cheese Curds stayed soft and gooey.  They also used a light golden honey lager Batter which was like a Tempura Batter, crunchy but light, not greasy and perfectly cooked.  So many places serve Cheese Curds out of a bag, pre-bought, frozen (yuck)…but these…I must say, were the BEST Cheese Curds I have ever had! (a 10)!



Our guests, Dena and John.  Cutest couple ever and we had a wonderful trip!



The Menu was fun, creative and huge!  It was an actual newspaper and super fun to read.


This is our wonderful server, Gabby!  She was super fun and on top of things!


John H had the “Chicken Quesadilla”.  He said it was packed with intense flavors and was heavily stuffed with Sautéed Onion and Peppers, lotsa melted Pepper Jack Cheese and was drizzled with a Roasted Red Pepper Coulis. It was topped with Freshly-made Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salsa and was accented with Cilantro- Micro Greens. House-made Guac and Sour Cream were served on the Side.


Dena had the “Water Street Hot Bacon Salad” which she said was fantastic!  It had Sautéed Chicken, Cheesy Stuffed New Potatoes, Scallions, Fresh Spinach, Bacon, Black Olives and was topped with an Over-Medium Fried Egg. It was served with a House-made Hot Bacon Dressing.  Doesn’t this look amazing? Very unique and packed with so many flavors. After I saw hers I wished I had ordered it too.  Maybe next time!


John M had the “Chicken Schnitzel”.  

For those of you that don’t know what that is, “Schnitzel” is the German word for Cutlet.  It is also a name described for Meat that has been Breaded and Fried. It was served alongside “Spaetzle” which is a soft Egg Noodle, often seasoned with Nutmeg, that is quickly dropped into the Boiling Water to cook and and then finished in a Saute Pan with Hot Butter. 

The Chicken had a Pretzel Panko Crust (never heard of that before) and was served with Candied Bacon Brussel Sprouts (which were under cooked) and a Demi-Gravy.  John said it was good but the Crust was a little burned in places. (John said overall it was only a 7)


I wanted to try their rendition of “Lobster & Shrimp Mac”.  It looked amazing and I could hardly wait to dig right in.  The Shrimp and Lobster were perfectly cooked but very bland.  I didn’t detect any seasoning which was disappointing.  The Mac & Cheese was over-cooked and mushy and not very Cheesy.  The overall taste was fishy, which it shouldn’t have been if the seafood was freshThis dish could use a lot more tender loving care and has a lot of room for improvement.  Priced at $17.50 I would expect a lot more creativity and flavor.  (As good as this looks, I would only give it a 6)


This is a “Turtle Sundae” with Crunchy Pecans, Caramel, Chocolate and a true, Heavy, Heavy Whipped Cream.  We all shared this and it was gone quick!  Very good and huge portion. (only $5.95)


Super Fun place, reminded me of the “Keg” with a little bit of “Outback”.

Rustic, huge bar and very welcoming!  I wish we had one near us. It’s one of those places you would go to all the time! Huge menu with lots to explore!

Happy Eating!

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Next time you’re in Delafield, Wisconsin check out:

Water Street Brewery  3191 Golf Road, Delafield, WI. 53018







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  1. Looks like a great place. I love cheese curds. I had never heard of them until I met with Jon. The food looked amazing too!

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