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Rutherford, CA “Rutherford Grill”


9/1/18 My favorite restaurant in Napa CA!  We have been here more times than I can count.  Every time we go to Napa, CA we MUST go to the Rutherford Grill!

MY OVERALL RATING: 10   Food: 10   Service: 10   Ambience: 10   Value for your Money: 10




The Restaurant has an Open Kitchen and there are always quite a few Cooks working at one time.  We like to sit inside at the Bar which is in the center of the restaurant.  This place is always packed with people.  It is simply one of my favorite restaurants of all time.  The food is consistent, fresh, delicious and the food comes out quickly.  It also has excellent service.  Here are some pictures of the inside and the outside patio.


This is the BEST French Dip we have ever had and we come here for it.  The Meat is chopped super thin and is tender, melt in your mouth, great flavor and the Au Jus is rich and flavorful.  I always get Horseradish Sauce on the side too.  I love Horseradish Sauce!  The Fries are like French Frites.  Thin and Crispy.


This is the creamy, thick and rich Spinach Dip.  One of the best Spinach Dips I have ever had.  Everything at this place is out of this world.  They really know what they are doing here.  They also have Ribs that they are known for and many wonderful entree choices.  I also love their Napa, Kale and Peanut Salad which is another thing I come here for.


The Grilled Artichoke is the main thing that keeps drawing us back to Rutherford Grill but unfortunately the last 3 times we have gone there they did not have them.  Seriously disappointing because they are huge, grilled, tender and are served with this amazing Lemon Aioli.  Hopefully the next time we are in Napa they will have the Artichokes back.

Rutherford Grill is a huge part of the Wine Country experience and you must check it out next time you are in Rutherford/Napa Valley.

Happy Eating!

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Rutherford Grill 1180 Rutherford Rd. Rutherford, CA.






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