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Osoyoos, BC, Canada “The Restaurant at Watermark”


Meet the beautiful Jessica!  She was our amazing waitress.  She had the most beautiful Australian Accent and was as nice as she was pretty.  We really enjoyed her personality and her excellent service.  She was super attentive and gave us good recommendations. She took fabulous care of us throughout the entire meal. 


IMG_1270On August 27, 2018 we had the pleasure of dining at Nicki and James Club called Watermark.  We also stayed at one of the condos at the resort property.  What a gorgeous place right on the water.  Their son Craig was also visiting so it was perfect timing for us!  The  outdoor  patio was beautiful and had a really airy and open design. It was so nice to be outside and in such beautiful weather.


IMG_1280“Sweet & Salty Nuts” roasted with Okanagan Honey & Spices.  We all loved the cute dish they were served in and they had nice flavor notes of Sweet, Salty and Spicy. I wish more places would offer Nuts on their small plate/starter menu. 

IMG_1279“Bowl of Warm Olives Marinated in Fresh Herbs & Garlic”.  Isn’t this a pretty presentation? It makes me want to pick one up right now and pop it into my mouth! It’s not very often you get to experience so many varieties in one dish and in so many colors! Olives served warm are so delicious and it seems to change their texture and brings out a distinctive taste in each one. I could’ve eaten every single one of them and again, I wish more places would offer this on their menu.

IMG_1281Isn’t this a unique way to display the Bread Basket?  This is a charged item off of the Starters Menu but it was well worth the extra charge.  The Breads & Crackers were Organic and from Lake Village Bakery.  They were served with Whipped Herb Butter and Balsamic & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  I love homemade Flatbread Crackers! 


Guess what’s in here?

IMG_1290I  love to see what different Chef’s come up with when it comes to Mussel’s. I ordered the “Salt Spring Mussels with Chorizo Sausage, Fire Hall Brewery Stout & Roasted Garlic”.  They sounded so good so I ordered the full order.

I liked the initial presentation but after the lid was removed, I realized that the pot they were served in was so deep therefore all the Broth was on the bottom and not actually on the Mussels.  I order Mussels quite a bit and usually they are in a Shallow Bowl so that they are submerged into the Broth.  I found these Mussels to be tiny and also flavorless. I guess because they just placed them atop the Broth versus submerging them in the Broth. Honestly, I didn’t see the Broth until the Mussels were almost gone. Also, large pieces of Sausage which are bigger than bite size and require a fork and knife aren’t compatible with this dish.

One of my favorite Mussel dishes that I’ve ever had is at “Mariposa” in Sedona, AZ they have Large Mussels with Chorizo Sausage and the Sausage is broken up and is part of a Creamy Sauce and poured entirely over all the Mussels, so with each Mussel you are tasting that delicious Sauce and they are superb! I do give this Chef credit for the idea of the pot but in my opinion it just didn’t work for this particular dish.



This is the Caesar Salad with Fresh Romaine Hearts, Kale, Crispy Pork, Roasted Squash, Toasted Focaccia, Creamy House Made Dressing, Parmesan Cheese & Cured Egg.  This Salad had a nice presentation, a good variety of ingredients  and was packed with amazing flavors.


I thought this was unique and had an interesting presentation.  I didn’t taste this dish but was told that is was very good.  This was the “Chicken and Gnocchi”, Herb Roasted Chicken Thighs, Fresh Handmade *Gnocchi, Pesto, Heirloom Tomatoes, Parmesan & Toasted Walnuts.  I haven’t seen this combination anywhere, ever.

*Gnocchi (NYOH-kee) Italian for “dumplings” and can be made from potatoes or flour. They are cooked in boiling water and the ones you see above in this dish were also pan fried.

IMG_1289Two people at the table had the “Hour *Sous-vide Beef Brisket” with Root Veg Chips, Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Red Wine Reduction.  One said the Beef was excellent and super Tender and the other said theirs was a little Fatty and not very much Meat. Portion could’ve been a bit larger. Overall, the flavor was good and Meat was tender, one slightly dry. I thought it was interesting to have that huge portion of Mashed Potatoes along with the Fried Root Veg Chips but  it got good reviews from the people eating them. 

*Sous-vide” (son-VEED). This is a technique pioneered in Europe whereby fresh ingredients are combined into various dishes, vacuum-packed in individual-portion pouches, cooked under a vacuum, then chilled, in this case, reheated.

IMG_1278“Cheers to us”!

I would come back here to see what the Chef was up too, I’m certain he is always inventing and experimenting with new things. I also loved the ambience and design of the patio and the seating was comfortable.  I would definitely request Jessica again as she was a 10!

Happy Eating!

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The Restaurant at Watermark  15 Park Place, Osoyoos, BC VoH 1V7, Canada  


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