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Condon, Montana “Holland Lake Lodge”


August 21, 2018 ~ I think this has to be one of my most favorite pictures ever!  John and I and Tony and Laura in Condon, Montana at the Holland Lake Lodge.  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful and serene as this view? I’m so happy we got this amazing shot! One of a kind for sure…

The beautiful Laura, walking us up to the entrance of the Lodge, a stunning and beautiful property on Holland Lake in Condon, Montana.


Very tiny place but exquisite, private, quiet and memorable. Our table will be the middle table on the left, looking at the lake.  BEST table in the house!


Food: 10  Service: 10 Ambience: 10  Value for your Money :10


Loved this plaque on the wall.


Let me introduce you to Erin.  She was SO adorable and an amazing server!  She does just about everything there.  Seats you, waits on you….she’s just wonderful! She lives on the lake and comes and goes to work by a small boat, a paddle boat I think…how cool is that?

IMG_1151 Let me start off by telling you that the Chef this evening was the owner, Christian.  Erin, our waitress, was very knowledgeable and she vividly explained what the Chefs features were for the evening. Tonight there were three Entree selections and they all came with Buttery Mashed Potatoes and Crispy Pan Fried Brussel Sprouts, both excellent. I really liked the texture on the Mashed Potatoes.

*Above, you see the Battered and Fried Artichokes with Aioli.  We LOVED them!  The Artichokes were fresh and juicy and the batter was light, golden brown and crunchy. If I’m not mistaken, I think we ordered a second round…we really like them!


The Steelhead Trout (from the Salmon family) was absolutely wonderful.  You can see how perfectly it is cooked and how moist and tender it is.  I love when Fish is set down in from of you and instantly, you can see, that when you place your fork flat onto that Fish, it will press down easily and flake apart. This Fish did just that.  The Fish was SO fresh, SO moist, SO fabulous and the Huckleberry BBQ was divine and a special treat from the heart of Montana. 

Did you know that Huckleberry Season in Montana is in July? They have Huckleberry everything! The Jam is just wonderful. I think it would be fun to visit during Huckleberry picking’ season. Maybe next time.

IMG_1155Pork Short Ribs with Huckleberry BBQ Sauce.  The Short Ribs were super tender and packed with flavor. The Sauce went perfectly with the Ribs. Are you getting hungry?

IMG_1156Chicken glazed with Teriyaki Sauce cooked perfectly, moist and tender, not too salty and not to sweet. 


Gosh, such a cozy, captivating and amazing place with truly, special friends…

I hope to come back one day.

Cheers to us!

Next time you’re in Montana you must visit Holland Lake Lodge. A place that will stay in your heart and memory forever!

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Holland Lake Lodge  8717,1947 Holland Lake Lodge Rd. Condon, MT 59826






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