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Seely Lake, Montana “Double Arrow Lodge”



8/20/18 Double Arrow Lodge, Montana with Tony and Laura…guess what we had???  Rattlesnake and Rabbit Cakes!  Our waiter Adam highly recommended it so we said what the heck!  Ok, so how was it?  It was really good.  Tasted like Chicken (as I smile).

Ok, on a serious note, it was moist, had nice flavors and I liked the Honey which added a bit of sweetness along with the freshly sliced Jalapeño which added a little bit of heat.  Very nice.  There is a first time for everything…would I order it again?…Yes, I think so.


Service: 10  Food: 10  Ambience: 10 Value for your Money: 10

This is Double Arrow Lodge. It is breathtakingly beautiful and sits on Seely Lake.  So much of it reminded me of  where I grew up…Minnesota, the home of 10,000 lakes. You can see by looking at the picture, the beautiful lush green grass, tall, tall pine trees and that rustic cabin feel. 

Isn’t this wonderful?  I love this place.

IMG_1077This is a good picture.  You can also get a really good feel of the atmosphere we had the pleasure of dining in. In the background you can see the gift shop which I bought an amazing bar of Goat’s Milk Soap.  Smelled yummy. The people here were SO nice, SO accommodating and SO down to earth, of course Tony and Laura know everyone!


We had an excellent waiter. His name was Adam. 


Very good Focaccia Bread with Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Herbs. 


This was ordered as a Main Entree. The Warm Steak & Kale Salad.  I thought it was unique to add Quinoa (KEEN-wa) to the torn Kale leaves. Very different textures but it worked. The Steak Bites were lightly seasoned and very tender and the Lemon, Olive Oil Vinaigrette complimented the ingredients well 



Don’t these look mouthwatering?  Also ordered as an Entree, these perfectly Seared Sea Scallops had a creamy and flavorful Lemon Aioli. I thought the prices were very reasonable at this restaurant especially for the presentation and quality of the food.



This was out of this world!  If you want a really fantastic Steak go to Montana!  Look at this thing!  This was the Seasons Cecina Ribeye.  A 10 oz. eye of the Rib, their signature steak, double arrow branded!  Tender, perfectly done, exceptional flavor, roasted in Butter and Fresh Rosemary and heaping with Mushrooms cooked in a rich Demi Glaze, with Shallots and Garlic. Skin on Garlic Mashed Potatoes…just perfect


A few more snapshots


Cheers to us!

Happy Eating!

Next time you’re in Montana you must check out the Double Arrow Lodge. You can also rent a cottage there. 

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Double Arrow Lodge  MT-83, Seely Lake, MT 59868 

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