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Idaho Falls, ID “Jakers” Bar and Grill


August 17, 2018 ~ This is Randi our Bartender.  She was absolutely wonderful!  Super friendly, great under pressure, fabulous service and someone you would want to get to know.    Just an easy to be a around type of gal.  We told her we were just in town for the night and hadn’t been here before.  She gave us good suggestions on what to order and was super attentive every step of the way.


This is Megan.  I don’t think she was a bartender but she was super helpful to the bartender and other servers that were up there getting their drinks. As you can see by her beautiful smile she was a super fun person and again great service!






Loved the sign on the outside of the building, so bright an inviting. I liked how the Menu shows their other locations.  I wish we had one where I live.  This is a fabulous place.  Reminded me of a “clubby” steakhouse, just the kind we love.  Warm, inviting, the kind you want to relax and hang out in for a long time. Kinda old fashioned in decor but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Huge menu and great prices.  Lotsa staff, great service. Good home style cooking.

Bar view from where we were sitting, center picture shows part of the bar and then booth seating and hightop seating next to that and a snap shot of part of the kitchen line. The place was really huge with different rooms to sit in.


9oz wine pour and house wine was only $6.50!  They know how to pour it in Idaho Falls! Cheers to us!


Nice Wines by the glass and very reasonably priced.


Battered Zucchini and Mushroom Combo ($8.95) This was excellent!  Hand dipped in their special batter (like Tempura), perfectly fried and served with Ranch. (Not out of a frozen bag like most places these days). I asked for some Parmesan on the side and they brought this huge portion of Freshly Sliced Pareman Cheese.  I was pleasantly surprised. Everything is SO homemade here. This was a treat!



These “Scones” were delicious served before the meal. I read in a magazine in our room that you have to ask for them but our wonderful Bartender offered them before we had a chance to ask. In Idaho they call these, “Scones”, they are Fresh Fried, (is how they describe them) and served warm with a Creamy Honey Butter.  Super, super soft as you can see by the thumb impression.  You could definitely eat more than two!


A Salad comes with the Entree and this fantastic Bleu Cheese Wedge was only a $2 upgrade!  It was massive and tasted great but just too big to finish. Everything they do here is over the top, wonderful!! Go big or go home! I love crumbled Bleu Cheese. (As I smile).IMG_0925


Ok, I just have to tell you about this Steak!  I have never even heard of this Steak before.  The Bartender recommended it to me so I thought it would be fun to try something different. It was called the “CAP STEAK”, Cap of the Ribeye, tender as a Filet with the flavor of the Ribeye.  I love Filet and my favorite Steak is Ribeye.  This was fantastic!  Ya know the edges of a Rib Eye and how they pull off the center of the Meat and then have that intense flavor marveled with fat?  The whole Steak was like that.  See my other picture and look at how the whole steak just pulls apart.



Look at how the Meat just pulls apart.  The flavor is just awesome with that Char from the grill.  I Honestly have never seen this offered anywhere in all out travels.  I would seek out a Jakers just to have this Steak.


I would like to eat these right now! Thick Sliced Potatoes, Tender, Creamy, Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes.  After all we’re in IDAHO! Yum!


CAMPFIRE BURGER; Bacon, Cheddar, Crispy Onion Straws, and Sriracha spiked Honey BBQ Sauce with Lettuce. The Buns are made daily in house. Ok, get this…the Burgers are a combination of Sirloin and Ribeye! Flame Grilled.  John said it was a 10+ (OMG)! I really want to try their Prime Rib French Dip, can you imagine?IMG_0926


Famous IDAHO Russet. They serve it 4 ways but all Skins are rubbed with Bacon Fat (yep), Kosher Salt and Cracked Pepper. 



Just a fantastic menu! I would imagine that every single thing on this menu is to die for.  Can’t wait to go back.  It truly is a special treat!!


Took this snapshot (Jason, Katlyn, Ashlee and Mayo) on the way out. They are cute, like one big happy family. I had to tell them about our “over the top” experience, how great the food and service was and how we can’t wait to tell our friends. They said they were SO happy to hear that because it had been an extremely busy night and you always hope people are leaving happy.  Well, we couldn’t have been happier, in fact we are still talking about it and wishing we could go there for dinner right now. *I wanted to mention that I also filled out a comment card at the restaurant and the manager reached out to me via email to thank me.  How often does that happen?

I highly, highly recommend Jakers and hope you will be able to dine their some day in your travels. Check out my reviews on Twitter and also on Trip Advisor.

Happy Eating! 

Jakers Bar and Grill  851 Lindsay Blvd. Idaho Falls, ID 83402  208-524-5240  *Read the story about the General Manager; great story



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  1. Omg that all looked delicious! I’ve never even seen a Jakers restaurant. Hope I run into one soon. I’m hungry now!!

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