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Kanab, UT “Rockin V Cafe & Art Gallery”



August 12, 2018~ This is him…ROCKIN V!!!  Rockin Victor!  As you can see he is pretty fabulous!   John is looking a little startled – or trying to contain himself! Ha! Victor seats people, greets people and goes around to every single table to visit, laughing and cutting up all the way.

I thought the restaurant must be new for him to be doing that so happily and energetically, but then we were told by the server that they are in their 19th season!  Go figure!  Now we know why they are such a huge success and people are on a wait to get in the door. Like “Cheers”, everybody knows your name…gosh he and the waitress Delia made us feel like a million bucks.

We happened to pull into this town looking for a place to eat before checking into our hotel, it had been a long day of traveling and we had just visited the Grand Canyon (which was stunning by the way)…we were so happy we found this hidden gem…what a unique and fabulous place!


This is DELIA!  Isn’t she adorable?  She brings a smile to your face just by looking at her. She is one of those people who make you feel like you’ve known them your whole life.  She was so super nice and no matter how busy it got she made you feel like you were the only one in the room.  She has worked there for a long time and she said she loves her job.  We were quite lucky to have her as our server. She made our whole dinner worthwhile and very memorable. She knew the menu inside and out and had good suggestions on what to order.  She is every employers dream.


She didn’t like this picture but I love it!  It’s so her! Adorable inside and out!

As you notice I focus a lot on the people, the staff, in my reviews. I do this because they are the face of each restaurant, each a different family of people, working hard, day in and day out, loving life  and loving their jobs. Most of you know I was in the restaurant industry my entire life.  It was some of the best memories, ones I will never forget. The best of the best can make your whole experience and then the ones who really don’t want to be there can ruin your whole experience.  I choose to dote all day long on the good ones because I truly appreciate them and they deserve to be recognized!

There’s Victor! Gosh, we got such a kick out of him!





Focaccia Bread was brought to the table and served with a thick Vinaigrette. The Bread was moist and we hadn’t seen this type of dipping Sauce before. It tasted like it had Balsamic in it.  It was like a thick version of Balsamic and Olive Oil Dipping Sauces you usually see in Italian Restaurants. Someone thought outisde of the box. Nice texture, good idea. 


Fresh Mozzarella & Tomatoes ($11). This was very good, very fresh and had an inviting presentation.  I loved the large Basil leaves and there was just enough, (I usually have to ask for more). The Olive Oil was of good quality and the Red-Wine Balsamic Reduction was thick and rich.  The addition of the Toasted Pita was a good complement. I would like to go back to try the Smoked Trout.



Killer App – ($9). I loved this!!  It was served warm with Garbanzo Beans, Black Olives, Fresh Tomatoes, Green Onion, Fresh Basil and the White Wine and Lemon was a delicious way to pull it all together. Really great flavor and just enough moisture, not dry. *I make something similar at home and love to spoon it onto my Freshly Baked Crostini which has really good Olive Oil and is sprinkled with Kosher Salt.  Makes for a great starter.


Almond Crusted Chicken Marsala ($23).  The Dinners came with soup, a nice touch.  We ordered the Creamy Mushroom Soup with this, I believe it was their featured soup of the day. It had great flavor and was thick like a Stroganoff.  The flavors on the Chicken Marsala were unique, bold, rich and thick. The choice of Portablella and Buttom Mushrooms added a nice touch and the Rich Sauce complemented the Wild Rice and Grains nicely like a Gravy. The fresh, pencil thin Aspragus were trimmed and cooked perfectly. The Almond and Herb Crust was a tad overcooked lending to a slightly charred taste but overall the dish was delicious.



IMG_0780More menu items to look at along with the beverages.  Yes, Utah serves alchohol in most places now and very reasonable priced.

Pictures of the outside of the restaurant and the menu cover.  We chose this place from the outside appearance only.  We just stubbled upon it.  It is very artsy and very cute.

Inside the restaurant on the main level. So much to look at and really fun artwork on the walls. Not too big on the main level which lends to it’s charm.  The “W” with Wine Corks is on the outisde of the womens bathroom door.

Isn’t this awesome?  You walk up a staircase and there is an Art Gallery along with more seating.  You can eat up there!  Next time we go, I want to spend more time looking around…you can buy stuff (as I smile).

If you’re ever in Kanab, UT you must check out Rockin V’s. It is worth a stop.  Ask for Delia and get a hug from Rockin V!

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Happy Eating!

Rockin V Cafe; Restaurant and Art Gallery  97 West Center Street. Kanab, UT 84741 






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