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Sedona, AZ A return to the amazing “Mariposa”

img_07411.jpgAugust 11, 2018 – A return to “Mariposa” to meet the fabulous Chef and Owner Lisa Dahl. Truly an experience, one I will never forget.  We both can feel each other’s PASSION when it comes to food, talking about food and sharing in each other’s dreams. We got emotional a few times…this day was a gift from God for sure! She is truly one of the kindest people I have ever met. She goes out of her way for other people and her face lights up when she talks about food, recipes, her restaurants and her incredible journey. When you go to one of Chef Lisa Dahl’s restaurants, they become a part of you and you just want more.

img_07171.jpgOur Main Bartender, Kai. I wanted to mention that the TV’s at the Bar always have food demonstrations on them, like a little cooking class. Each TV shows food from Mariposa or one of Chef Lisa Dahl’s other restaurants. It’s so fun to watch and it may help you choose what to order!img_07271.jpgThis is Jacob and Kai.  Fabulous Bartending staff.  Both he and Jacob were smiling the whole time, happy to be there, knowledgeable and gave great service for a Saturday afternoon.  I would definitely come back to see these guys!


FOOD: 10+  SERVICE 10+  AMBIENCE:10+ VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY: 10+IMG_0719The GRINGO Burger! This is the BEST Burger we have ever tasted and we are not kidding! I have never had a Burger where on the very first bite you say, “this is the BEST Burger I have ever had”!IMG_0708Note the ingredients on the GRINGO Burger and that all Burgers are made with Black Angus Beef.  The Burger was done perfectly, juicy, scrumptious and all the flavors popped and sang and danced in your mouth.  Chef Lisa Dahl, as you can see on the menu was the winner of the Scottsdale Burger Battle Peoples Choice Award in 2016. Chef Lisa, you might remember from my last review, has 4 award winning restaurants in Sedona.  She is opening another one and it’s all about Burgers!  We can hardly wait! (Did you happen to see her on “Beat Bobby Flay”)?

I loved the Potato Salad.  It had quite a bit of Onion  but I love that.  It was almost like a Mashed Potato, Potato Salad.  Great Flavor.  If my memory serves me right it also had Fresh Dill which was delicious. I would love to try the Three Seed Cilantro Slaw next time.

IMG_0725Chef Lisa Dahl and her staff do not miss a beat when it comes to “attention to detail”.  Everything they do has MEANING and PASSION.  The bun wears the Mariposa Butterfly symbol. The Bun was fresh and buttery and charred on the grill but with a soft inside. Dreamy. So many cooks don’t realize that the Bun or the Bread can make or break any Burger or Sandwich. Chef Lisa and her staff, they just get it.  Like I said in my earlier review, you just “feel” something when you are eating in her restaurants.  You must go there to experience it.  It’s not just food, it’s a “feeling”.

IMG_2980Here is a foreword for the restaurant on the menu in case you missed it from the last review.


IMG_0722NEPTUNO SALAD~ Look at all the intricate pieces of this Salad. Fabulous in every way!  Layers and layers that never end.  I have never tasted a Salad like this before.   I love when you are eating something and with each bite another flavor or texture unfolds.That is exactly what this Salad did. Look closely on the top right of the Salad to see the Gulf Rock Shrimp, like a Langostino, firm, fresh, earthy. The Louis Dressing was tangy, light and interesting and the Pickled Red Onions were a wonderful accent, (it’s those little details). I loved the Capers, (one of my favorite things) along with the Nicoise Olives, Artichoke Hearts and Hearts of Palm.  Just a beautiful Salad. As I was eating it I got goosebumps, again everything we eat here you can “feel” something.  It’s quite extraordinary.

IMG_0704Look at all the amazing Salads to choose from.  I wish I lived in Sedona!

IMG_0726Dreamy Key Lime Pie. Can you see just how creamy it is by looking at it? Look at the color.  Light, pale yellow with a hint of cool green. Smooth, silky, dreamy Vanilla Whipped Cream, light Graham Cracker Crust, light, firm but crumbly, sprinkled with shaved Toasted Almonds, and garnished with an Edible Flower. I love how the bar top just happened to have Fresh Lemons in the back round.


This is a tribute to Chef Lisa’s Son who passed from this life to early doing a humanitarian act.  You will find it located outside at the front of the restaurant. Chef Lisa and Justin’s plan was to open a restaurant together. *Note the scripture, so beautiful.


You will see this display, toward the middle of the restaurant, where to the left, is an entire room full of seating, (where we sat for dinner the last time).  Beautiful artwork of her and her son.  You will find Butterfly pictures everywhere throughout as well as Butterfly cards to purchase at the front Hostess stand.


Beautiful pictures of a beautiful, well thought out, perfectly executed restaurant…in every way.

IMG_0729There is a beautiful Butterfly Mirror to the right of the bar.  This restaurant has huge indoor and outdoor seating.  The outside looks at the stunning Sedona Mountains and is simply breathtaking!

I can hardly wait to go back to Sedona to dine at Chef Lisa’s restaurants again. Ask to talk with her.  She is at her restaurants on a regular basis and she loves to visit with her loyal patrons and visitors that come from all over. Our current plan is to go back for Valentines Dinner with another couple.

Go to their website to find out about the other 3 restaurants. “Cucina Rustica”, Dahl & DiLuca” and “Pisa Lisa”.  It’s worth a trip or weekend getaway to check out Sedona and all her restaurants.

Check out my reviews  of “Dahl & Di Luca” and “Mariposa” from June 2018 in the blog archives.  You can also check out my reviews on Twitter and Trip Advisor.

Happy Eating!

Mariposa Latin Inspired Grill  700 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336  926-862-4444

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  1. Going to check this out next time we go to Sedona. It looks wonderful. I’m sure that was a dream come true Meeting Lisa.

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