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Phoenix, AZ “Steak 44”

I’m very excited to write about his one!!!

This is one of the BEST STEAK HOUSES I have ever been to!


FOOD: 10+




These are the Hot, Gooey, Soft, Seasoned, Buttery Rolls they serve you before dinner. Yep, this is just the start!!


This is our waiter.  One of the BEST waiters I have ever had.  He has been with Dominick’s/Steak 44 for a long, long time.  He trains people and such.  Just fantastic.  Honesty, one of the best of anywhere we’ve ever traveled.  His name is Brian.  He also had an assistant named Nate but unfortunately I didn’t get a photo.  (The only place that has rivaled this service, was Emeril’s Delmonico Steak House at the Venetian Resort and Casino in Las Vegas where there is a waiter for every plate, so if there are 6 of you there will be 6 waiters each carrying a plate and they set it in front of you all in sync).  Steak 44 has similar attributes. 

This place is classy, classy, classy.  Not the old style, dark wood Steak House (which I also love), but more contemporary, overly comfortable and very sexy.

*From my notes, (if they are correct),  I think that Maestro’s, Dominick’s and Steak 48 Chicago are all part of this Chain. I stand corrected if I am wrong on this.

Back of the House, Kitchen was all the way to the back

This Kitchen is really big and way in the back of the restaurant.  You would never see it unless you walked back there.  I used the rest room and stubbled upon it. I was shocked when I saw it.  How cool is this??  To the right there was a glass pane and it looked like people were sitting on the other side of that pain.  


The Full Menu


Chilean Sea Bass.  The BEST I’ve ever had.  This was a little spendy but Sea Bass always is.  Perfectly Seasoned, nice Crust, Flaked apart. Everything’s ala’ carte.


Look how when my fork presses on the Fish it just flakes apart?  Delicious!


Amazing 8oz Filet.  It’s Seasoned and marinated.  To die for!!


BEST Cream Spinach I’ve ever had and I’m a Spinach Connoisseur! I must say it rivals my own recipe in my upcoming cookbook.  This one had Artichokes, Roasted Garlic and Cream.  They take pride in serving the sides to you on your plate.


OH MY GOODNESS!  Again the BEST Mac & Cheese I have ever had!!  I love Cavatappi Noodles and this was Creamy and blended with Provolone, Romano and my favorite Cheese Tillamook Cheddar.  


Wine Pours were automatically 9oz.  Very reasonably priced.  Reminds me of Manny’s Steak House in Mpls.  


The Waiter brought us Freshly Fried Donuts with a Silky, Smooth, Vanilla Sauce (that tasted like Banana to me) and a Nutella Hazelnut Sauce.


They always serve Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies at the end of the meal along with Hot Lavender Towels to wipe your hands.  It’s all the little things…….

FABULOUS in everyway.  10+  

Steak 44   5101 N. 44th Street   Phoenix, AZ 85018

Happy Eating!

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  1. It is part of Dominick’s in Kierland. There is also Steak 48 I believe in Chicago. Jules I spot on with this. FYI, at Dominick’s in Kierland the happy hour menu is unbelievable! Won’t go into detail here; but a double Manhattan is 10. Get there early. Just not before Laura and I.

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