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Phoenix, AZ “The Capital Grille”


Fabulous Steak and Seafood Restaurant Chain….


FOOD: 8+



We stayed at the Historic Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix for a few days on July 5th and 6th, a little “staycation” as some like to call it.  Get away for a few days without driving too far or having to get on a plane.  You always feel refreshed coming off of just a few days away, outside of your regular environment. We had 2 nights and wanted to find a few choice places to dine and review.  We have been to the Capital Grill in other States and always loved it.  We have been to this location before but I had never done a review on it,  We like that you can either sit and the bar and eat or fancy up in the restaurant.  This time we chose to dine at the bar.


Our fabulous models, I mean…Bartenders, Chris and Chase.  Ha! (I like this picture).


Chris was our main Bartender for most of the meal until he went home for the night and then we had a chance to talk with Chase.  Chris was super nice, informative, attentive and had a great personality.  Both guys really seemed to love their jobs which always makes the experience worthwhile.  I love getting to know all about the people who are serving us, as I used to be in the industry forever and fully understand the hard work they all put in. The time of night we were there wan’t very busy, around 8:15pm. Summertime in Arizona is always a little slower with people getting out of town to escape the heat.  Super nice guys I must say, and they truly cared about every aspect of their jobs. 

We had been to Steak44 the night before, (check out my soon to be review on that one also), so this night we were in the mood for something different than steak.  I decided to order a few side things as my meal and my husband got the Chicken.  


We loved the Bread Basket which has my favorite “Flatbread” as well as Pumpernickel Raisin (just like Manny’s Steak House in Mpls), a Sourdough type and then an Onion Bread.  Fresh, flavorful and love real Butter!


Napa Cabbage and Kale Salad with Toasted Almonds and Peanut Dressing.  I thought the flavors were good but a little overdressed (a little too much dressing) for me.  I could taste the Vinegar and less of the Peanut.  I have a similar Salad in my upcoming Cookbook which is a knock off from a restaurant in Napa, California which I think I have figured out.  I can’t wait for you to try it.  I felt like this Salad could’ve used some type of Cheese such as Parmesan. Overall, good.


The Bone-in Chicken had nice presentation and flavor. My husband thought it was moist up until the Chicken Breast portion.  I tasted it and thought it was pretty good. ..but he is after all, the expert on Chicken everywhere we go. It seems that we run into this at most restaurants.  The best so far was at “Mariposa” in Sedona, AZ.


Au Gratin Potatoes.  Don’t they look fabulous? Nice layers, very creamy, nice addition of crunch on the top.  The Potatoes were more bland in flavor than I’m used to and had a Sweet Onion profile.  I liked them but mostly because they were “different” than what other places are doing.


This was off the Appetizer/Starter Menu.  Cast Iron Garlic Jumbo Shrimp with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crostini. Reminded me of a Shrimp Panzanella.  I liked the idea of the Bread on there to sop everything up and it had a really nice, chewy texture.  I also liked the addition of the Sweet, Sautéed Peppers.  The gorgeous Colossal Shrimp were a little overdone but overall the dish was very good,  the Grilled Lemon made the whole dish pop and the presentation was memorable. This would’ve been a 10+ if the Shrimp wasn’t overcooked. 


This was attached to the “To Go Bag” which was a really nice touch.

Thanks Chef Joe!



Even though I’m not giving this visit a 10 on food, do not miss a chance to dine at Capital Grill on your travels.  There must be  over 60+ stores by now all over the country.  Great atmosphere, fine dining at it’s best.

The Capital Grill      Biltmore Fashion Park      2502 East Camelback   Phoenix, AZ 

Happy Eating!



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