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IMG_2952This adorable girl was amazing!  Great service, friendly, happy, efficient and smiled all the time!  She even added more whipped cream to our Chocolate Malt when we were half way through!  “Bing’s Burger Station”, what a fun, unexpected find!

The rest of the happy crew! The owner, Brent is the guy in the all blue shirt in the back.



OVERALL RATING: 8+                                                                                                                           FOOD: 8                                                                                                                                                        SERVICE: 9                                                                                                                                       AMBIENCE/SETTING: 9

My husband and I were in Sedona, Arizona over thee weekend of June 8-10, 2018.  We were driving around looking at the beautiful scenery and stumbled upon this adorable restaurant called “Bing’s Burger Station.   We were looking for a casual place for lunch and ended up in the town of Cottonwood (just outside of Sedona). We drove past this place and thought it looked super cute so we circled back to get lunch.  We were so happy we did.  What a cute place!  It took you right back to “Happy Days”, you remember, Fonzie, Richie, Joanie and the gang.  We cozied up to the counter and plopped ourselves down on the comfy bar stools. Right way the young gal at the register looked over and said, “is this your first time here”?  We said, “yes” and she proceeded to tell us to order from the paper menu pad and handed over a pencil. We placed our order and then helped ourself to the self-serve water station.

While we were waiting for our food we watched the cook and the prep cook from our seats.  The prep cook had pretty good chopping skills I must say. The food tickets were hung in front of the cook and then pulled down when the order was ready. (Ya know, the old-fashioned way, the good ol’ days). The gal in the first photo made our Chocolate Malt (made with Chocolate Ice-cream). She walked over to the counter,  politely smiled and said, “would you like Whipped Cream and a Cherry”?  I said, “yes, of course”, she said, in her sweet voice and half-smile, “I’ll give you two Cherries”! (my lucky day)!  The Malt was rich and thick and very good.  I think it could’ve used a little more Malt powder as I couldn’t really taste it but nonetheless, very good.

Shortly after our food came.  The Deep Fried Cod Sandwich was Crispy but Moist on the inside and I had it with Tartar Sauce and Coleslaw on top. The Fries were not the best fries I’ve ever had.  They were very thin, not very crispy and not hot.  Perhaps they are better when they first come out of the fryer.  For a Burger place it seems a Crinkle Cut Fry or Larger Fry would work better.  I also could detect a little fishy taste in them, perhaps my Fish was fried in the same fryer.  My husband said the Burger was good.  

We had a chance to talk with the owner who came over on his own to see how everything was.  He was a young guy who had bought the place from the previous owner and you could feel his passion and enthusiasm.  I commented on how nice the girls working there were and he said they were all family.  What a great guy…you could tell just by the brief conversation that he was a true American!  Hardworking, striving for the best possible outcome and putting in the hours to make it happen.  He also said that the restaurant was doing really well and that they were going to be having a Movie Night outside in the near future.  I snapped that group photo you see above as we were leaving the restaurant.  What a great group.  Uplifting, inspiring and most of all just happy to be working there.

*I would have given a better rating on the overall food but I think there is a little room for improvement on the Fries, and for a Burger place I think the Fries are pretty important.

If you are ever in Cottonwood , Arizona you must check out “Bing’s Burger Station”!   794 N. Main Street, Cottonwood, Arizona 86326

Happy Eating!



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