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SEDONA RESTAURANT REVIEW “Dahl & Di Luca” Ristorante Italiano


MY OVERALL RATING: 10                                                                                                                       FOOD: 10                                                                                                                                              SERVICE: 10                                                                                                                          AMBIENCE: 10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

My husband and I went to Sedona, Arizona for our Anniversary weekend June 8-10, 2018.  It is about a 2 1/2 hour drive from San Tan Valley depending on traffic.  It is a beautiful drive and once to Sedona you are blown away by the tranquil, serene and peaceful Sedona Mountain range that surrounds you from every angle.

We wanted to find two really good places to dine for dinner.  We were thrilled to find “Dahl & Di Luca”.  Lisa Dahl is the Chef, owner and has 4 restaurants in Sedona all close together.  A server told us she frequents them daily to cook, oversee, and make sure everything is going as planned.  You can feel and see the attention to detail the minute you drive up to one of her restaurants.  There is so much care, detail and artistry put into each one.  Now mind you, we have only been to two of them but we plan to visit the other two on the next visit.  In the meantime, I have been reading all about the Dahl restaurants and am so impressed and inspired by her drive, motivation, style, menu selection, food, ambience and overall package. You can tell she puts love and care into every single detail of every aspect of her restaurants. I must say, you feel something when you are there...she transforms you into that place…that special place she has created….she also has a beautiful story and memory in each restaurant in remembrance of her beloved son who passed to early from this earth.  You can read her story on each menu and how each place came to be….like I said, truly inspiring.

The outside of the restaurant is quaint with parking around the perimeter.  You know when you first drive up that your are about to enter a very special place.  Like I said, you can just feel something…

Upon entering we were drawn to the jazz music which played toward the back of the restaurant.  It immediately brought you back in time to a “speak easy” type of feel, to the time of long ago…it just felt good. To the side and slightly behind me was a small bar area with about 4 bar stools.  We checked in with the hostess for our reservation and were seated right away in the main dining room, off to the side where we had a perfect view of the band.

The table was quaint, dim, nicely set and looked over the other diners.  In the center of the restaurant was the most beautiful chandeliers, so bold, strong and magical all at the same time.  There was a party of 6 sitting underneath them, celebrating something as we were. I just kept thinking how I really loved this place already…

The beautiful patio was filled with people and it was open air so they could see and hear the jazz music just inside.  I thought this was a really great design as one could be a part of what was inside while dining in the beautiful, night air, outside.

I used the restroom upon being seated and when I came back to the table there were Rose Petals sprinkled on the table.…for our Anniversary, a really nice touch…special. It brings me back to a memory in Maine for our 10th Anniversary at the Blue Nose Inn.  We dined a restaurant called, The Rose Wood Room (I think it was), and every time you would use the bathroom, magically, rose petals would appear in the toilet.  I remember going several times  just to test it out….a memory I will never forget.  I remembering quietly saying to my husband, are there rose petals in your toilet?  Yep!

Our waiter Steve was very attentive, kind and sincere.  He really liked his job and  made you feel really special. Warm Rolls were served with Olive Oil, Garlic and Fresh Herbs. We ordered a Caesar Salad which was very good, really good dressing.  The Kale Salad with Marcona Almonds was excellent, again the Dressing was special.  There was also a Whole, Marinated Mushroom in the Salad.  Unexpected but good, really good. Not to tart or pickled but mild and flavorful.  The Veal Marsala and Veal Piccata were wonderful in flavor and presentation.  The Veal was pounded very thin, (as it should be) and cooked to perfection.  The Orzo was flavorful and the Fresh Green Beans and Roasted Red Peppers were a nice compliment to the dish.

The Waiter brought us an Anniversary Dessert which was heavenly.  Amaretto Creme Brulee’ with Fresh Berries and a Happy Anniversary Chocolate.  The Coffee was wonderful, rich and of good quality.

The next night we went to another “Lisa Dahl” restaurant, (there are 4 total) called; “Mariposa”.  It was one of the best restaurants I had ever been to in all our travels.  I will post that blog in a few days.

Until then, happy eating…




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    1. Hi Patti, Just FYI – I have another review coming out on Friday. The restaurant is the BEST restaurant I have ever been to next to Mamas Fish House in Maui. It also is in Sedona. It is called “Mariposa”. Watch for it on Friday.

  1. Been there with all of my sisters. We sat on the patio. Great place and even better memories when i had all my sisters. Thanks for sharing.

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