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Hey everyone, hope you are having great week!  For those of you in Arizona I must say it is an absolutely gorgeous day after that sand storm we had yesterday. My patio is covered in sand so we have some cleaning up to do! For those of you in the Midwest I am sorry to hear you may be getting another 10 inches of snow!  Yikes!  What happened to Spring! No matter where you live there is always some element of nature you have to deal with.

I haven’t posted in a while but woke up thinking I should share a little bit about Harissa Paste.  Funny thing to wake up thinking about but it’s true! 

I wanted to give you a heads up on Harissa Paste because I use it in quite a few recipes in my upcoming cookbook. So, if you’re planning to get my book I wanted you to have plenty of time to order it.

Harissa Paste (hah-REE-suh) comes in a tube and is a dark, rich, burgundy color.  It consists of a variety of Hot Chili Peppers along with some other Spices and is ground into a Paste.  You can also find Harissa in a jar but it is not the same as the Paste.  I recommend it in Paste form.  What I like about it is it adds a subtle heat to the dish without over powering it.  As you are eating the food you won’t taste it right away but it will hit you at the back end.  I find that it adds an element of surprise and leaves people wondering just what it is. You don’t need a lot of it to achieve a subtle heat and I like that it compliments so many things from Sauces to Chicken, to Meat, Pork, Pasta, Veggies and the list goes on and on…

Once open, keep Harissa Paste in the fridge.  The expiration date is on the tube and will be good for 2+ years.

You can find Harissa Paste in some specialty stores but I just order mine on line.  Just google Harissa Paste and look for this brand.  It runs about $7.99 a tube and ships quickly.  I order 2 or 3 at a time because I use it so often and never want to be without.

Start experimenting now…it will be fun to see what you come up with….

Enjoy this beautiful day!!


10 thoughts on “Harissa Paste”

    1. Thats the cool thing Becky…it’s not too hot…it just gives a hint of something warm at the end of each bite. That’s what I like about it. Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (like what you put on Pizza for instance) is SO hot and overpowering…or certain raw peppers…the Harissa in Paste form mellows out the flavors so you have “some” heat but it’s subtle and compliments the dish rather than takes over it.

  1. I have heard of this before but never tried it. I will have to give it a try. It was a beautiful day here in Tampa today. Thanks Jules.

  2. My first experience with Harissa Paste was in one of your cooking classes…loved exactly what you said…a subtle heat under tone. I have ordered my own and now use it in my cooking. Thanks a million for the exposure to something I never knew existed.

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