Got Lemons? Then it’s time for “Arizona Sunshine” Pie


Oh my goodness!  The is the BEST pie I have ever eaten!!!

I put this recipe out last February but for those of you who missed it, I thought I would put it out again. It’s a must try, so easy and simply fabulous!

Note; this story is from last year…

My friend Annice brought over this freshly made pie today.  She told me it was a really simple and amazing recipe that used the entire Lemon, yep the whole thing (except the seeds)!  She said you put the whole lemon right into the blender or food processor.  Holy cow!  I’m telling you this is the dreamiest, silkiest pie I have ever had.  I sound excited because I am!  The minute I took the first bite I did the Happy Dance!!!  All I can say is Holy cow!!  

Read the Story that goes along with the recipe…sounds super easy to make.  This is my new love!  A 10! Really! I wish so much that I could give you a bite right now…

Also, it reminded me of a Banana, Coconut, Lemon Pie but there is only Lemon in it…I don’t know what it was exactly, but it was so smooth and creamy and dreamy…the texture is out of this world and is complimented by the flaky crust. When you make it, please let the readers and myself know what you think.  

*NOTE: Food Photography by Jules (property of)

Till next time…

Happy Eating!


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  1. I’m so happy you loved my pie. I value your feedback very much. I hope all your readers try it and live it as much as you!

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